Choose the Right Henna Color for Perfect Brows

Choose the Right Henna Color for Perfect Brows

Eyebrow tinting is a buzzword in the beauty industry. With the increasing need for better looks, many beauty treatments have since come up. A perfect example is brow henna coloring. It transforms your facial look, and for the better. However, there are multiple henna shades, and not all work for you. It’s then critical to choose the right henna color.

What are the common henna shades available?

There are multiple henna shades available, and these cater to the different skin tones and brow hair types. The most popular shades are;

  • Blonde

Blonde is a perfect choice for light skin tones and hair colors. There’s no lighter shade of blonde, so your timing matters. For instance, if you desire a light eyebrow tint, you only need to leave the dye for a short time.

  • Light brown

Light brown is a perfect pick for blondes and brunettes. It’s a good mix of dark browns and is ideal for blondes with ashy-colored brows.

  • Auburn

Auburn is ideal for people with red hair, and you can combine it with blonde to create a warmer color. It’ll leave a warm-brown shade on your eyebrows and is perfect for anyone who fancies warmer tones.

  • Black

Black is the most intense shade and is suitable for dark skin tones and hair. You can mix it with other shades or use it on its own for perfect indigo black brows.

Here’s what to consider when choosing henna brow color:

  1. Hair volume

The concept of bow tinting involves drying the hair and the skin. But, you need enough hair follicles to fill in the space and avoid patchy spots. If you have more brow hairs, the results will be intense, and your brows will turn out darker. But, if you have few eyebrow hairs, the henna will be lighter.

  1. Hair structure
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The henna eyebrow dye will soak quickly if you have stiff eyebrow hair, and you’ll likely have darker brows. And this is why people with thick brow hair require minimal henna processing time. Similarly, fine eyebrow hairs and most ideal for henna treatment. You can easily create fuller eyebrows with such hair. Moreover, if you have porous eyebrows, they will quickly absorb more dye and appear very dark even with small color amounts.

  1. Skin type

Your type of skin will significantly impact the final result. For instance, oily skin is a poor absorber and won’t absorb the dye into your skin excellently. It’s also likely to fade off quickly. With this type of skin, the dye might tint your brow hairs perfectly, but the skin stains may not look fabulous.

On the other hand, dry skin abdomens dye very well and will offer excellent results. However, avoid self-tans or essential oils before the henna treatment. This can result in oily skin, which can affect the staining.

  1. Skin tone

Your natural hair color and skin tone matters. If you have light skin, avoid dark henna by all means. The color will appear too dark and will look unnatural. Similarly, lighter henna colors won’t have any effect on dark-skinned people.

In summary, there are multiple aspects to consider when choosing the shade of henna brow dye. Discuss this with the henna specialist and pick one to match your skin, tone, and type of eyebrow hair.

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