Early signs of baldness: what you need to know

Early signs of baldness: what you need to know

Gone are the days when confronting issues of aesthetics and appearance were mostly the domain of women. Thankfully, these days it is perfectly acceptable for anyone to undergo cosmetic procedures of varying degrees, from eyebrow waxing to a complete body overhaul. An area that remains somewhat of a contentious issue for men, however, is that of male pattern or signs of baldness. Despite this issue being more common than you might think, many men are still very self-conscious about confronting issues with their hairline. Indeed, around 80% of men, by the age of 80 years, are known to experience some noticeable level of hair loss, so it certainly shouldn’t be a topic associated with shame or embarrassment.

Thanks to ongoing research and development within the industry, there are treatments and procedures that can effectively address the issue for those who wish to do so. We can take a closer look at that later. Bear in mind that not everyone will feel the need to reverse the signs of hair loss, but at least the option is there for those who do.

What are the first signs of male pattern baldness?

But for now, how does male pattern baldness start? What are some of the early signs? The better informed you are, the sooner you will be able to address the situation should you so wish.

There are a few tell-tale signs that may prompt you to do a bit of research into early male pattern baldness treatment. Many men have reported that they only noticed a change in their hairline when looking at recent and older photos of themselves. When you see yourself on a day-to-day basis it can be difficult to notice small changes in your appearance. It’s only when you look at older photos and compare them to more recent ones that you notice the more obvious changes. The areas affected initially, due to male pattern baldness, tend to be the area around the temples and the top of the back of the head (crown). Thinning hair in these areas can be one of the first signs.

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Another indication that you might start to lose your hair is finding more hairs than usual on either your pillow or the shoulders of your clothing. A small amount of hair loss is natural for everyone, but if you notice larger, regular amounts then you may be showing the first signs of male pattern baldness.

Can hair loss be cured?

In reality, when you ask, ‘how does male pattern baldness start?’ there isn’t really a simple answer. There are several indicators that you may be starting to succumb to the condition. If you have noticed more hair in your comb, particularly in larger clumps, this could be a warning sign. Many men also report that the texture of their hair changes when the onset of male pattern baldness begins. These are changes that you will notice over time, but there is another way to predict how likely you are to develop this condition. If a male family member is balding, particularly your father, you are likely to follow a similar pattern. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition, and as such, you will probably start to notice changes in your hairline at the same age as your family member did so. The search for a hair loss cure for men can be baffling. With so many claims and guarantees it can be a difficult subject to navigate, and all too easy to fall for false promises. The truth is, if a hair follicle has closed or not generated new hair for several years, then hair will not grow back in this area. If the follicle remains intact, then it is possible to encourage regrowth from it. It’s also possible to strengthen and thicken existing hair, creating an overall fuller appearance.

Scientific research into hair loss

But don’t despair! Thanks to years of scientific research, and leaps in technology, your options are much greater if you want to restore your hairline to its former glory. You may have seen examples of celebrities who have undergone hair transplants in varying forms. Some with success, some not so much! It’s important that you choose a clinic and surgeon with excellent facilities and a great reputation. At Enhance Hair Restoration you will find both. Offering surgical and non-surgical options, with a compassionate and understanding team, you will find a solution that suits your needs with all the after support you would expect from a top UK clinic.

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Is prevention better than cure?

There are some things that you can do to prevent the aggressive onset of male pattern or signs of baldness. Although there is no actual hair loss cure for men there is an array of options available before you go down the route of considering permanent procedures. There are specialist shampoos that can slow down the process, but they won’t stop it altogether. For a stronger approach you could try prescription medications such as Finasteride or Minoxidil. Even steroid injections are used to target the problem. Ultimately though, the most successful and natural looking answers lie in hair transplant surgery. Obviously the more you do beforehand to tackle the problem, the longer you can avoid going down this route. But you should take comfort in the fact that should you require a permanent solution, there is one available.

Where do I start?

The stigma some men feel when they embark upon online searches like, ‘how does male pattern baldness start?’ should soon become a thing of the past. There’s really no need for anyone to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about wanting to improve any aspect of their life, including their appearance. Women have done it for years without criticism. It’s time for men to feel just as comfortable when choosing to make the most of what is available. You’ll find a warm welcome and an experienced team at Enhance Hair Restoration. Give them a call to see what they can do for you.

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