Month: March 2022

Does Cannabis Provide Migraine Relief?

Does Cannabis Provide Migraine Relief?

Living with migraines can be tough. With intense pain from migraine headaches, some sufferers find it difficult to carry on with regular daily activities when an attack occurs. What makes it even worse is that many struggle to find effective treatment options for the pain 

Are Air Purifiers Good for You?: Here Are Some Pros and Cons

Are Air Purifiers Good for You?: Here Are Some Pros and Cons

Air is the most important gas considering its usefulness to all living things, human beings included. Although available all around us, it can contain pollutants such as aerosol (dust and pollen) and smoke. Are Air Purifiers Good? These pollutants can be harmful to health and 

The Best Teaching Strategies to Seek in a Childcare

The Best Teaching Strategies to Seek in a Childcare

The teaching strategies used at your child’s early learning centre can play an important role in promoting academic development and helping them reach their full learning potential. 

When looking for a childcare centre, it’s important to consider what teaching strategies are available. By assessing teaching strategies, you can choose a childcare centre that delivers programs effectively and in line with your child’s learning style. 

Here are the best, most effective early childhood teaching strategies that you should look for when choosing a childcare centre. 

The Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach is a popular teaching strategy used by many early learning centres. This strategy is focused on supporting children’s learning and development through communication and natural engagement. 

Centres that use the Reggio Emilia teaching strategy believe that children have many ways of communicating with their parents, peers, and educators. Centres focus on providing children with new ways to communicate their feelings, needs, interests, and ideas. 

Reggio Emilia childcare centres also integrate natural and found materials into their learning programs, using tools from the natural environment to support teaching programs and activities. 

The Montessori Approach

The Montessori approach to early childhood education is another popular strategy. This approach focuses on children’s specific developmental stages and tends to focus on language, movement, order, and sensory-based programs. 

Childcare centres that apply the Montessori teaching strategy use prepared environments to encourage and support child-centre learning programs. Educators prepare learning activities based on children’s interests.

Montessori early learning centres are child-led, enabling them to respond to children’s specific developmental needs. These centres offer flexible curriculum programs that can adjust to suit children’s individual needs. 

The Jerome Bruner Theory of Learning

The Jerome Bruner Theory of Learning considers all children active learners and involves encouraging children to construct their own knowledge and learning journeys. This strategy believes that children are capable and resourceful. 

At Theory of Learning centres, educators support children to learn new concepts and ideas and are guided by children’s own interests. As children develop knowledge, they are able to engage with more independent learning opportunities. 

Theory of Learning centres are led by children’s own learning approaches, with educators playing a supporting role in educational programs. At these centres, children are the architects of their own learning.

The Piaget Theory of Play-Based Learning

The Piaget theory is focused on allowing children to engage with and learn through play-based programs and activities. This teaching strategy allows children to enjoy their early education journey.

Centres that apply that Piaget theory prioritise individualised learning programs that encourage children to discover new concepts every day. Educators develop flexible curriculums and continuously evaluate children’s progress and abilities. 

Piaget-influenced childcare centres also use the environment as part of their play-based learning programs. They encourage children to spend time outdoors engaging with new concepts and ideas. 

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Distilled Water Vs. Purified Water – What’s the Difference?

Distilled Water Vs. Purified Water – What’s the Difference?

While dining with your loved ones at a fancy restaurant, the waiter clad in expensive attire has probably asked you whether you would prefer tap water, bottled, or sparkling water? And although this array of options for something as simple as water may have left 

Fun Team Sports To Play

Fun Team Sports To Play

These days, most of our games are played between teams, and most sports are played between two teams or two players, with one being us and the other being our opponent, whether they are an individual or a team. Playing a team sport or game