Fun Team Sports To Play

Fun Team Sports To Play

These days, most of our games are played between teams, and most sports are played between two teams or two players, with one being us and the other being our opponent, whether they are an individual or a team. Playing a team sport or game is enjoyable for many people. Let’s take a look at some great team sports. Here are some fun team sports you can play as a team.

1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular and loved games in today’s world. This game is played between two teams and each team consists of five players inside a rectangular court. In this game players have to throw a ball inside a hoop which is 10 feet above the ground. 

If players successfully throw the ball inside the hoop then the team will get points and at last the team which has more points wins the game. Basketball has a time limit and the team which scores more points in a limited time will win the game. 

If you are wanting to watch basketball, there are professional leagues, like the NBA for example, along with amateur leagues, like college basketball. College basketball picks are needed especially because there are so many games per day.

2. Cricket

Cricket is also played between two teams and each team has 11 players inside the ground. This game is played by using bat and ball. Both teams have to bat and bowl, if you win the toss then you can choose whether you have a bowl or bat fit first. 

The team which elected to bat first will give you the run target and if the opponent team successfully chases the given target then they will win but if they are unable to chase the given target then they will lose. 

In cricket, bowlers have to bowl the ball but if the batsman hits that ball directly outside the boundary rope without touching the ground then they will get six runs and if the grounded or rolling ball touches the boundary run then the batting team will get four runs. This game is also played in limited overs. Each over consists of six balls. This is also one of the most loved fun team games of the current time.

3. Football

Football is the most loveable game of the current time. In this game two teams face each other for 90 minutes inside a rectangular court. Each team has 11 members, 22 players from both teams face each other. In football players aren’t allowed to use their hands. 

There are two goalposts for two teams, if players successfully get the ball inside the opponent’s goal post then they will get 1 goal. If players touch the ball with their hands then the opponent will get a penalty shot. At last those teams which have more goals will be elected as the winning team.

4. Volleyball

Volleyball is also a team game between two teams. Each team has six players inside the rectangular court. There is a net in the center of the court which is vertically 2.43m (male) and 2.24m (female) above the ground. 

Players have to drop the ball inside the opponent court in three tries to get a point. This game is complete in three sets and each set completed in 25 points which means the team which scores fastest 25 points will win the set and the team which wins two sets will win the game.


There are many fun team sports games available in the current world but it’s quite difficult to include all of them in this short article. All the sports which are mentioned above are some world famous games and all these games are the most popular fun games which are played between teams. Please let us know your favorite team sports if we have not included this in our article.


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