Tips on Storing Your CBD Oil

Tips on Storing Your CBD Oil

By now, everyone is familiar with CBD oil and its health benefits. Most people have labelled it a ‘miracle supplement’ because of its effectiveness. With its popularity rising, it is only natural for people to have questions about how to handle this product. And just like any other product containing active ingredients, CBD oil also has a specific shelf life. If the product is not well stored, it can deteriorate, making it ineffective. In the article below, get to learn how to properly store your CBD oil.

Limit Air Exposure

Exposing your CBD oil to air will reduce its shelf life. This is because oxygen oxidizes CBD components, hence ruining the delicate balance of your CBD oil. If you bought CBD oil for pain relief Colorado-based and exposed it to air, it will not be as effective with time. That is why CBD oil comes in airtight containers. So, every time you take a dose, ensure that you screw the cap tightly after. Also, to minimize air exposure, only open the bottle when you are consuming the product. Keep the oil in the original packaging, but if you have to transfer it, ensure it is in another airtight bottle.

Avoid Light Exposure

Have you ever wondered why most CBD oils come in amber containers? This is not just for aesthetics or marketing. The amber bottle promotes the longevity of the oil by limiting light exposure. Light can contribute to the degradation of CBD oil. UV rays can alter CBD stem cells. This makes the cannabinoids less powerful, meaning the oil will not do its job, whether it is to relieve anxiety or reduce inflammation. However, even if the CBD oil comes in amber bottles, you should still not place it where it will be exposed to direct light.

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Store It In A Cool Place

Another factor to consider is the heat. This applies to almost all organic products, such as food and medicine. CBD oils also need to be stored in a cool place. The oil is made up of a mixture of various organic compounds. When some of these compounds are exposed to heat, the chemical balance may be altered. If you notice your oil turning cloudy or buttery, then you have exposed it to too much heat. Simply place your CBD in a cupboard just like any other dry ingredients. However, it should not be a cupboard near an appliance releasing heat, such as an oven or fridge.


Never Use Expired CBD Oils

CBD oils have a shelf life of about two years. The expiry date will be labelled properly in the product to protect the consumer. The expiry date labelled by manufacturers only applies to when a product is stored properly. As mentioned above, if you expose your CBD oils to some of these elements, it can lead to premature expiration. For maximum shelf life, store the CBD as directed by the manufacturer.visit here

While consuming expired CBD oil may not make you sick, it will also not help you enjoy the therapeutic benefits you are looking for. Ensure you store your CBD oil well and only consume products that have not expired.

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