What I’ve Learned Most from being an EMT

What I’ve Learned Most from being an EMT

Life as an emergency medical technician (EMT) is hectic because it involves responding to situations that require stabilizing a patient and taking them to a health care facility.

I learned many lessons when working as an EMT, but the most outstanding are those that I have listed below.

Patients Care about Evacuation

People in life-threatening situations do not care about my training and skills at the time. Their concern is my emergency response. They care much about little things like how I support them to stand or put a blanket over them when it is cold. They also remember how I reassured them of survival and if I treated everyone around with respect. A big lesson as an EMT is that patients care more about my compassion before they start thinking about my skills.

Staying With a Positive Attitude

I learned that an EMT’s life is not as exciting as it looks. It is a stressful and challenging life. The way to survive is to maintain a positive attitude even when things are tough because it helps make life-saving decisions. The positive attitude allowed me to continue my EMT duties and learn new skills without discouragement.

There were bad days when I could not make anything seem good, but loving my work gave me the desire to continue. A positive attitude was my driving force during challenging moments. The positivity helped me put patients’ needs before mine and offer the same quality of care.

Comfort Matters More Than Looks

I found that emergency work can be strenuous, and standard scrubs may not fit some situations. It is why emergency responders wear a uniform because of comfort and identification by those who need help. The uniform is a pant and a shirt.I learned the best option was to get EMT uniforms designed like high quality scrubs with a calming appeal to those in need.

I chose those with a dark color and made of stain-resistant material due to the nature of my job. I preferred EMT gear with multiple pockets for convenient storage and access to medical instruments.

Working With a Team Mentality

A big lesson was that saving lives is not a one-person affair. I found out that working closely with other responders during an emergency helps overcome the situation. My response to emergencies was with other responders. I found out that working closely with each responder reduced harm faster and saved lives in most instances.

I also learned that I must keep communicating with emergency dispatchers during the emergency and share patient details with the hospital team on arrival.

Emergency response is tough, and success depends on the performance of your partners. I learned that I must stick together and protect my EMT partner on a life-saving mission. Cooperation also prevents conflicts.

Communication Skills Are Essential In Emergency Rescue

Patient care is a top priority, but different situations taught me that many times I must communicate with patients, their families, or bystanders. Interpersonal skills help calm the patients, control chaotic crowds, answer questions and provide the necessary information.visit here

The work of an EMT requires more than wearing high quality scrubs and rushing to an emergency scene. You should have traits that help make quick, accurate, life-saving decisions and the capacity to handle bad situations repeatedly.


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