One big question is how to identify whether your parent now needs assisted living, there are a few things that will let you know when they may need one. We will be listing vital tips that will enable know when your parent may need assisted living in California.

There are times when it becomes very obvious that your parent now needs some kind of help to go about the rest of their life. An obvious sign is when you receive news that your parent is falling sick almost every other day or that your parent fell off the stair or within the house.visit here

Sometimes the recommendation to provide help for your parent might be from a physician. However, sometimes it can be really difficult to tell when they need assisted living.

You might discover that your mom or dad didn’t remember to lock her door a couple of times, or left the cooker on and didn’t remember to put it off. Or maybe either of your parents starts to skip their medications and is now becoming forgetful.

All these signs are a normal occurrence as old age starts to set in. So how do you tell when your seniors need full-time care?

Does My parent Need Assisted Living?

When you visit your parent, you begin to notice some declines in the way they interact and you also begin to tell them certain things that you might have told them before your visit. Hence, it is common to notice certain behavioral changes and memory loss. This is the point you might want to start to consider getting them help to keep them up the pace.

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At this point, they need supervision, and assistance will help them with a few chores and other things.

Some of the common signs that your parent needs assisted living are as follows;

  • Weight loss or gain is becoming so obvious.
  • When they need reminders to do almost everything including when to take their medications.
  • They start to find it difficult to complete their daily activities such as cooking or grooming on their own.
  • They lose interest in some of the things they enjoy doing.
  • They begin to neglect household maintenance.
  • They lose mobility and occasional fallings.
  • They start to isolate themselves.

There are several communities for eldercare where there are special arrangements for seniors and those who may be suffering from dementia. Here are a few signs that your parent may be experiencing memory loss and may need memory care;

  • They get disconnected or lost from their environment.
  • Notice aggressive behaviors.
  • Struggling to put words together in the right manner.
  • Repetition of stories and questions.
  • They begin to find it difficult to plan, organize or concentrate.
  • Dementia shows cognitive decline which requires them to be under supervision for the larger part of the day.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

The cost for assisted living depends on the amount of care needed and the type of senior living you are looking to get. The cost varies from state to state but it is on the high side in some states like assisted living in California.

When you need assisted living facilities, one very important thing to put into consideration is the cost. For instance, the cost of nursing or home care can be cheaper compared to that of assisted living in the long term. The price also varies from home to home, so you have the opportunity to search for the one that best suits your needs.

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On average the cost may range between $5,000 to $10,000 monthly for a nursing home or around $4,000 per month for up to 40 hours of care a week.visit here

Benefits of Moving Your Parent into an Assisted Living Home

  • Reliable Professional Care

It is a place where you can get the needed help for your parent. You are assured that they will get support for their daily activities which may include medication management, bathing, dressing, cooking, and hygiene among others.

You are sure to get your seniors 24/7 care from trained personnel with the right care plan that is suited for the unique needs of your parent.

  • Helps to Prevent Social Isolation

Leaving your senior to themselves keep them isolated and puts them at the risk of being socially isolated which can lead to depression and loneliness. Putting them in an assisted living facility gives them the chance of interacting with other seniors and staff of the facility.

  • The Right Meal

They will have the opportunity to get meals that will help and boost their state of well-being in an assisted living facility. These facilities have great chefs that can prepare delicious meals for your seniors and mealtime also serves as a time to socialize.

Other benefits of an assisted living facility include fun, independence, a high level of hygiene, peace of mind, and they can also have their free time.

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