How Jataa hair oil helps fight the common causes of hair fall in me

How Jataa hair oil helps fight the common causes of hair fall in me

Whether you have recently spotted a furball in your shower drain or noticed an increase in hairless spots on your scalp, hair fall is something most men experience with ageing. The question is – Can we overcome this problem albeit…naturally? The emphasis on the word ‘naturally’ is justifiable as chemical-laden products or laser treatments for hair loss cost a tonne and often welcome unwanted side effects! So, where to begin with the ‘natural’ solution? After testing out multiple organic products in the market, we were super impressed with a hair fall control oil for men – Jataa hair oil.

Yes! Among an array of hair products, this ayurvedic hair oil works wonder in countering severe mane issues, including hair fall. Laden with the goodness of herbs such as jatamansi, bhringraj, neeli, and japa, the Jataa hair oil effectively treats the common causes of hair fall in men. Talking more about Jataa hair oil, it can be used as a hair care essential to enhance your overall hair health and protect it from serious concerns. To give you more clarity, here’s a list of some common hair fall causes which can be easily tackled using Jataa hair oil.

Scalp Infections

In the end, your hair health mirrors your scalp health. And so, it is important to maintain a healthy scalp as it is the base for rich and healthy hair. However, at times, when dirt or other internal factors damage your scalp, it leads to various infections. These infections degrade your overall hair health and may lead to major hair loss problems. To treat scalp infections, the essential nutrients of neeli in Jataa hair oil work effectively. It combats all kinds of scalp infections, thus restricting damage.

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Additionally, the goodness of jatamansi in this hair oil heals your scalp and keeps it in a tip-top condition. Precisely, keeping your hair fall problem at bay.


The most overlooked factor behind hair fall is stress. Yes! Elevated levels of stress can trigger serious hair damage, including hair fall. And how? High-stress levels push your follicles into a premature resting phase and thus, trigger hair fall. So, to counter this type of hair fall you need to reduce the stress levels. And this is where Jataa hair oil comes into the picture. The cooling properties of Jatamansi help calm your nerves and reduce anxiety levels. This not only helps in treating the hair loss problem but also maintains your overall health.

Weak Follicles

Often our hair follicles become victims of environmental stressors, prolonged use of styling products, etc. All of these can damage the health of follicles, making them weak or dead. This degrades their functioning, stunts hair growth, and leads to various hair problems, including hair fall. But, don’t stress out! Jataa hair oil’s rejuvenating and healing properties come in handy here. This hair oil penetrates through the scalp and treats your follicles, strengthening the hair roots and promoting healthy hair.

So, these were some common causes of hair fall, which can be easily tackled using the Jataa hair oil. Additionally, its usage enhances your overall hair health. So, do add this hair oil to your hair care cabinets.

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