Could AI Be The Key To Better Healthcare In The Future?

Could AI Be The Key To Better Healthcare In The Future?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its sub-branches like machine learning, is steadily proving to be one of the greatest technological innovations of the 21st century, and in increasingly surprising and useful ways. Over the past decade it has swiftly become implemented over a vast number of different industries and areas, and for a variety of uses.

Now, as the whole world reels from a pandemic, while bracing for a future of rapidly mounting health and environmental concerns, we have been suddenly pushed towards an even greater focus and reliance on technology than ever before. AI has fortunately shown great promise in potentially alleviating many of the problems we currently face and are expected in coming years. There is even a chance, some predict, that it may one day help us to live even longer and healthier lives than ever before.

Healthcare Apps Skyrocket In Popualrity

Understandably, since 2020, the surge in interest healthcare apps has been huge, many of which employ some sort of AI to streamline its processes. AI in the form of chatbots have also proven to be highly useful for providing assistance and basic information to millions of people.

During the spread of the virus, the task of managing hospitals, clinics, and test centres, gathering information, and relying on information to the public, swiftly became a nightmarish task. And it’s something that most places dearly wish to avoid having to go through again.

Leveraging AI

“Management” and “data-collection” though, are two things that AI happens to be particularly good at. AI has the ability to process far greater amounts of information than an average human being, and without the need to sleep, or being affected by stress or illness. It can efficiently manage a wide variety of systems, while simultaneously gathering useful data to help streamline processes, as well as highlighting potential problem areas.

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When, or if, we are faced with another event like COVID-19 in the future, in-place AI systems will enable us to be far better manage and deal with the threat.

Otherwise, when it comes to general health, AI is gradually transforming healthcare around the world. Doctors, nurses, and specialists are now able to monitor, diagnose, and treat diseases and other ailments, with far greater efficiency. Its great aptitude for data-collection and analysis is also bringing ever greater insight towards human health over time.

AI For The Future

One day, perhaps very soon, just as AI helps computer and management systems become optimally streamlined and efficient, it could do the same for the heath of everyday people. This could result in people not just living longer, but with a generally greater level and quality of health during their lives. Like an online casino welcome bonus, this tech simply adds extra value to every element of the industry and the lives of the people it benefits.

There has long been a debate as to whether AI can, or likely ever will, constitute as “true” intelligence. The large majority of tech experts assure the public that any kind of actual “sentience” is a long way off. However, the problem-solving ability of AI is undeniable, and hopefully one day, we will at the very least achieve a symbiosis with it. And live happily ever after? Probably not, but you never know.

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