8 Hot Drink Alternatives to Coffee

8 Hot Drink Alternatives to Coffee

Have you decided it’s time to reduce or cut out coffee? Maybe you don’t like coffee but want a hot drink alternative that you can enjoy instead? Whatever your reason for wanting to try something different, we have eight great options that you may enjoy. Take a look now and start trying something new!

Herbal Tea

If you are keen to find something that is naturally healthy and kind to your digestive system, then herbal tea may be the best alternative to coffee. It’s designed to help soothe and calm as well as improve your health. Mint tea is well known to reduce tummy problems, chamomile can help you sleep, and ginger tea is a great boost for the immune system. In fact, there is a herbal tea that will support most conditions, but they can be an acquired taste, and you will need to be willing to try a few before you find the type that suits you best.

Fruit Tea

Much like herbal tea, fruit teas are renowned for offering a boost to your health and are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that work to cleanse you and keep your immune system working at its optimum level. There are endless options to choose from with different fruit infusions designed for different times of the day and different needs – all you need to do is pick the one that sounds the best. It’s also important to note that fruit teas taste really good, too and can be a brilliant solution when you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth without diving into the biscuit jar or binging on chocolate and sweets.

Black Tea

Black tea is popular across the world, with many different variations and serving suggestions, but it is an iconic drink in Britain that is served everywhere! Some of the most popular include Earl Grey, Assam, Ceylon and Lady Grey, which can be served with milk or with a slice of your favourite citrus fruit. Black tea is also a great accompaniment to a range of sweet treats and meals as it helps to balance the flavours well and has been historically used to settle nerves and calm people down when they are faced with a crisis or bad news.

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Hot Chocolate

If you prefer a decadent drink that will easily replace your morning coffee, then hot chocolate is a perfect choice! It’s rich, creamy and comes in a wide range of flavour options that are sure to meet your individual requirement. Luxury hot chocolate is also good for your health and can help you to reduce your weight, improve your circulation and even slow down ageing! When you consider that to get the benefits, all you need to do is dive into a hot mug of chocolate, and then you are sure to find giving up your coffee easier than you’d ever imagined!

Green Tea

If you are culling the coffee for health reasons, then switching to green tea could be the right decision as it is one of the healthiest options on the market right now. Green tea has been popular for thousands of years and comes with anti-ageing properties, as well as supporting your body to be healthier when consumed as part of a balanced diet. There is also plenty of new research that shows green tea as excellent support for heart health and blood pressure as well as helping people with diabetes to maintain healthy insulin levels for longer. With so many great benefits, green tea is definitely worth a try!

Chai Tea

If your coffee order includes flavoured syrups and spices, then chai tea could be the perfect replacement. It’s made from tea, milk, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon and creates a smooth and spicy taste that is both comforting and delicious. There are a wide range of different chai tea for your recipient to try, but if you stick with the spices you like, then you are sure to enjoy a hot drink that tastes amazing.

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Hot Toddy

Sometimes a liqueur coffee is a perfect end to a meal or the warming pick-me-up you need when you are feeling cold, but there is a substitution that works just as well – a hot toddy! Hot toddies originated in India but became popular in the UK when people started adding hot water to whiskey to help warm up after being outside in the cold and damp. They have evolved over time and are now often used as a cure-all for colds and sniffles, with people adding citrus and spices to their hot toddies to help them sleep better and relax. Hot toddies are not recommended if you are going to be driving, but if you are home for the evening, then a hot toddy with your favourite spirit is sure to leave you feeling great.

Malt Drinks

If you want to replace your caffeinated evening drink with something more soothing and warming, then a malt-based drink could be the answer. Malt drinks are made from milk, barley and flour and ground down into a solvable powder that is mixed with hot milk. It tastes creamy and sweet and is often used as a bedtime drink that leaves you feeling cosy and sated. There are a number of brands of malt drinks in the UK, with each brand creating its own flavour ranges to choose from, and they provide you with a simple way to increase the amount of calcium you are ingesting as well as reducing your overall coffee intake.

Ditch Coffee for Good

When you think about the effect coffee can have on your mindset and physical health, it makes sense to ditch or reduce it. However, if you are a die-hard coffee lover, it makes sense to slowly reduce the number of cups you drink in a day rather than stopping altogether, as this will help you stick to your goal and stop you from having any negative side effects from the coffee withdrawal. The great thing about all of the alternative ideas we have suggested is that they are both healthier and offer a wide range of benefits that can improve your overall health – so jump in and give them a try today!

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