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Reasons Why You May Consider a Laser Hair Removal

Reasons Why You May Consider a Laser Hair Removal

Are you unhappy with your hair? If yes, you may wonder which medical procedure is right for you. Laser hair removal can be the answer if you want permanent hair removal. The procedure is one of the most cosmetic procedures gaining popularity globally. If you 

6 Common Types of Oral Surgeries

6 Common Types of Oral Surgeries

Oral and maxillofacial surgery can include operations on the teeth, jaws, and other facial tissues. While tooth extraction is the most frequent type of oral surgery, some maxillofacial surgeons may also treat disorders such as the cleft palate and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). These professionals 

Learn More About Wellness Programs

Learn More About Wellness Programs

Ashburn wellness programs are popular everywhere, including individuals and in workplaces. Employers sign their employees up for these programs to promote good health and productivity in the workplace and individuals sign up for benefits like weight loss and smoke cessation. In fact, The American Institute for Preventive Medicine reports that 9 in every 10 organizations have a wellness program. But whether you are joining one because your boss made it possible or because you are concerned about your health, here is everything you should know about wellness programs.

What Is a Wellness Program?

A wellness program is an extensive health initiative geared toward improving or maintaining your well-being through disease prevention, stress management, exercise, and proper diet. Most wellness programs offer services like therapy, fitness challenges, weight loss education, and smoke cessation.

Components of A Wellness Program

Wellness programs are often geared toward benefits like stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, disease prevention, and weight management. They can also include flu shots, immunizations, medical screenings, and other preventative measures. Sometimes, a wellness program features educational accident prevention and safety programs to guide you on AIDS prevention and treatment, cancer prevention, proper dieting and exercise, and back care.

Usually, your doctor will customize the services included in your wellness program depending on your particular needs and medical history. The possible offerings include:

1. Comprehensive Medical Examination

Every wellness program consultation begins with a consultation to familiarize the doctor with your medical history and goals. It will include an in-depth review of lifestyle, behavioral, nutritional, and medical factors as they relate to your current health.

2. Electrocardiogram

An ECG or electrocardiogram is a test that produces images of your heart and allows your doctor to monitor its health and functioning. Depending on your medical history, your wellness program may include an echocardiogram.

3. Lab Work

Lab work is often used as a diagnostic tool and may include standard lab tests, such as lipid panels, thyroid profiles, comprehensive metabolic panels, and blood counts.

4. Diet and Exercise

Your doctor may also create a customized exercise and diet program to help you meet your weight goals. Your diet may include supplements, meal replacement options, and real, whole food. In terms of exercise, the regimen will be tailored to your physiology.

Benefits of a Wellness Program

A wellness program can be used for preventative measures to help you maintain your health while preventing illness. Your doctor will usually consider your age, medical history, weight, and other factors when customizing a holistic wellness program for you. The program can address many issues and may include exercise, medical, and nutritional therapies that help you with:

  • Addressing social, emotional, and mental obstacles to wellness
  • Physiology-specific exercise
  • Adopting better eating habits
  • Chronic disease management
  • Disease prevention
  • Weight maintenance or weight loss

A well-tailored wellness program can leave you feeling healthier and more energetic. Depending on your needs, it can help you maintain a healthy weight, manage a medical condition, and achieve mental or emotional wellness. If you are interested in this, contact Nova Physician Wellness Center in Virginia to discuss your health with Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Rohit Suri today.

5 Amazing Tips to Help You Lose Weight

5 Amazing Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? If yes, you are not alone. Millions of people are struggling with obesity worldwide. Being obese o overweight increases your risk of getting conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Fortunately, Dr. Andrew Chow offers specialized medical 

Five Things to Know Before Undergoing Laser Treatment for Acne

Five Things to Know Before Undergoing Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne scars remain long after an acne breakout, making your skin look less fair. You may be lucky to have scars that heal fast, but others may stay on for several years. Avoid the frustration with acne scars by seeking Dr. Martha Viera to get 

7 Top Benefits of the Emsculpt Procedure

7 Top Benefits of the Emsculpt Procedure

Healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet, are crucial to keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight. However, these modifications may not be effective in building muscles and reducing stubborn fats in certain regions of your body. This instance can interfere with your physique, thus lowering your self-confidence and motivation in front of people. Luckily, through Downey Emsculpt, you can reduce the pockets of disturbing fats in the target areas and improve your muscles, thus reclaiming your attractive body shape. Here are the key benefits of the Emsculpt that you should understand.

No downtime

Unlike the surgical procedure, such as liposuction for eradicating fats in the individual’s skin, after the Emsculpt, there is no recovery time. This procedure does not, therefore, interrupt your daily schedule. After the procedure, you will resume your daily activities, such as gardening.

Long-lasting results

This procedure usually involves radio frequency waves whose gentle heating breaks down the stubborn fat cells. Consequently, your body, through the natural mechanism, removes those cells from your body. Once the body removes them, they cannot return to your system, implying that you continue to enjoy the toned skin. Complementing this procedure with exercises and a balanced diet will help you achieve permanent results.

Target different areas

Unlike some cosmetic procedures that only focus on specific areas, Emsculpt targets many areas in the human body. You can get this procedure if you wish to remove fat and boost muscles in your arms, buttocks, and thighs, which many aesthetic procedures do not reach.

It is non-invasive

The Emsculpt usually focuses on the muscles using radio frequency waves, thus eliminating the chances of skin incision. There is no need to apply the anesthetic creams on your skin since the procedure is entirely painless. Opting for this procedure guarantees you the desired results with minimal side effects associated with surgery, such as permanent scars.

Boost the injury recovery

In most cases, the Emsculpt complements other physical therapy techniques in boosting the recovery of certain injuries. Emsculpt usually hastens the healing processes through the muscle tissue’s additional strength. Therefore, this procedure is a good choice if sustaining any injury.

Quick results

Unlike other treatment options for toning your skin, you can get the result after the first Emsculpt appointment. The procedure involves four appointments spread over two to three weeks, and you get amazing results after each session. This procedure also saves you time during the visits since each visit lasts only thirty minutes.

Customized treatment

The individual needs usually vary from one person to another, requiring a treatment procedure that does not fit all criteria. Emsculpt procedure addresses each patient’s unique need, thus guaranteeing them better results. Therefore, you do not have to think that the Emsculpt has no solution to your body shape.

Are you struggling with stubborn fats and muscle inelasticity in certain skin parts? If your answer is yes, I can attest that the situation is distressing since it undermines your physique, thus reducing your attractiveness. The good news is that at Younger World Med Spa, David Gutkin, MD, and his team has a reliable remedy to reclaim your skin tone while maintaining the ideal body shape through Emsculpt treatment. Make an online booking today and visit the facility to receive quality services.

Diabetic Foot Care: Tips and Tricks

Diabetic Foot Care: Tips and Tricks

Diabetic foot care should be a priority in your daily self-care routine. Loss of sensitivity to pain, heat, and cold is one complication of diabetes that may lead to a worse quality of life. You may have a cut or blister on your foot and 

How Orthodontics Can Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

How Orthodontics Can Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

Misaligned or crooked teeth can strain your jaw and affect your bite. However, you can correct any abnormal dental occlusions and improve oral health with the right orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment involves diagnosing, treating, and correcting any dental irregularities. Through a well-experienced and trained orthodontist 

Tips to Help Prevent Your Venous Stasis Dermatitis from Worsening

Tips to Help Prevent Your Venous Stasis Dermatitis from Worsening

Venous stasis is a skin problem that occurs due to venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency develops when your leg valve veins weaken, allowing blood to flow backward. Blood pools in your veins, fluid accumulates in your lower legs, and pressure under your skin increases. The pressure prevents blood and oxygen from nourishing your skin, and it changes color, and you experience disturbing symptoms. Venous stasis dermatitis Somerville symptoms often develop in your lower legs and ankle. You may experience swelling, discoloration, itching, scaling, and dry skin. Managing venous stasis dermatitis can help prevent it from becoming worse. The following tips can help prevent your venous stasis dermatitis from worsening.


Exercise helps improve blood circulation and strengthen your calf muscles. It also reduces swelling and improves your overall health. Your doctor can recommend exercises for obese patients to help minimize venous stasis dermatitis symptoms. Walking is a good activity if you have venous stasis dermatitis. Your doctor can guide you on other good exercises and how often you should do them.

Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing

Tight clothes can interfere with blood circulation, worsening your venous stasis dermatitis. If clothing rubs against the affected skin, it can irritate it. Wool, polyester, rayon, and other rough cloth textures can irritate stasis dermatitis skin and cause flare-ups. Loose-fitting cotton clothes are the best for venous stasis dermatitis patients.

Use compression garments

If your dermatologist recommends, you wear compression garments, ensure you put them on as instructed. Compression stockings improve circulation in your legs, prevent open sores, and reduce the chances of another flare. Talk to your doctor if you have trouble wearing your socks or if they cause discomfort. In most patients, compression garments reduce swelling within weeks.

Avoid injuring or irritating areas with venous stasis dermatitis

The skin with venous stasis dermatitis is very sensitive, and injuring or irritating the area can lead to an infection or open sores. Avoid anything that can irritate the skin, such as pet hair, plants, grass, cleaning products, or perfume. Scratching can also aggravate stasis dermatitis, leading to an infection. To prevent scratching, your dermatologist can prescribe a cream or recommend you place a cool compressor on the itchy region for fifteen minutes.

Be cautious when bathing

Some soaps and rough-textured towels can irritate venous stasis dermatitis skin. If you have stasis dermatitis, your dermatologist recommends you use a mild, fragrance-free soap to avoid irritation. After bathing, apply petroleum jelly or a fragrance-free moisturizer on your skin within two minutes. The cream keeps your skin moisturized to help prevent the stasis dermatitis area from becoming scaly and irritated.

Do not miss dermatology appointments

Sometimes, you may have to live with venous stasis dermatitis for life. You may take time to learn how to manage the condition and determine what works best for you. Ensure you attend all appointments with your dermatologist. The provider can teach you how to manage the situation at home with habits and medications in case you have flare-ups.

Although sometimes you may have to live with venous stasis dermatitis for life, you can prevent it from worsening through exercise, wearing fitting clothing, and using compression garments. Schedule an appointment at Somerset Surgical Associates for venous stasis dermatitis treatment to relieve your leg swelling.

How To Help an Addict

How To Help an Addict

Having a family member or friend dealing with an addiction can be confusing and painful. You can easily see how substance abuse has affected their life and relationships, but they cannot do so as clearly. Though you may see things clearly, addiction does not allow