What You Need to Know About Spine Surgery?

What You Need to Know About Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is a type of medical procedure that involves cutting, removing, or replacing damaged tissues in the spine. Roswell spine surgery may be performed to treat conditions such as scoliosis (a curvature of the spine), spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), or a ruptured disc.

Here are the different types of spine surgery:

Types of spine surgeries

There are many different types of spine surgery that can be performed, including:

Endoscopic discectomy: This procedure involves using an endoscope, a narrow tube with a light and camera at each end through an incision in the back to remove bone spurs from your spine.

Open discectomy: This surgery involves making an incision in your back and removing bones or tissue from your spine by hand.

Spinal fusion: This surgery involves putting metal rods into your broken bones and then fusing them with titanium screws. The screws hold the bones together while they heal, so they don’t move around within your spine.

Laminectomy: This is the removal of a part of the vertebral column. The most common laminectomy procedure is for an individual suffering from spinal stenosis, which occurs when a portion of one or more vertebrae becomes narrowed. This narrowing causes pressure to build up on the nerve roots and can lead to pain and numbness in the legs.

Lumbar spinal stenosis surgery: This is the most common type of spine surgery. It is used to treat spinal canal narrowing, a condition caused by osteoarthritis, injury, or infection that can cause pressure on the nerve roots in the lower back. This procedure aims to relieve symptoms and restore normal function to your spine. This may include pain relief, improvement in your ability to stand and walk, and improvement in your ability to sit upright.

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Reasons for performing spine surgery

Less pain-Spine surgery relieves back pain caused by degenerative discs or spinal stenosis. The procedure may also be used to treat other conditions, such as the lumbar spondylolisthesis-a condition in which a vertebra slips forward.

Improved sleep-Many people with lower back pain can now sleep through the night without waking up frequently due to pain. This allows them to get more restful sleep and feel better during the day.

Enhanced strength-Athletes use their lower back muscles often when doing sports such as running or biking, which makes their bodies stronger than those who do not use their backs for these activities. Back surgery can help you develop additional strength in these muscles so that you can continue doing what you love.

Better mobility- If you have been experiencing pain or instability in your spine, spine surgery can help create more stability. The surgery is often performed on people who have suffered a traumatic injury or who have had a degenerative condition of their spine.

Better breathing-After spine surgery, people can often breathe deeper and more easily than before the operation. This improved breathing can help prevent congestion and irritation in the lungs.

Fewer complications– In most cases, there’s no need for blood transfusions or other intensive care after spinal surgery because the injury itself has already damaged the nerves and blood vessels in your spine. In addition, most surgeries today are done with minimal incision and less pain than in the past.

Bottom line

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Spine surgery repairs a damaged spinal or backbone. The actual operation entails removing the damaged disc and part of the vertebrae, after which a supportive artificial device is implanted that helps in healing and provides support to the damaged portion. These surgeries are majorly done to relieve the pain in the abdomen and take care of severe back pains. If you need to learn more about spine surgery, contact Apex Spine and Neurosurgery experts.

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