Five Things to Know Before Undergoing Laser Treatment for Acne

Five Things to Know Before Undergoing Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne scars remain long after an acne breakout, making your skin look less fair. You may be lucky to have scars that heal fast, but others may stay on for several years. Avoid the frustration with acne scars by seeking Dr. Martha Viera to get laser treatment as your option for reducing acne scars. Laser treatment uses beams of heat that your doctor delivers to your skin to help in new collagen growth, thus helping repair your scars.

 Laser Treatment does not Eliminate Scars

Laser treatment has proven effective in preventing the formation of raised scars after surgery, reducing pain and itching, and increasing your range of motion. Additionally, you may benefit from laser treatment to make your acne scar less noticeable and visible. However, laser treatment does not take out the scar completely. Your treatment will result in a less noticeable scar and an improved appearance. You will be covering your more noticeable scar with a less visible one.

 Undergo Medical Consultation before Laser Treatment

Your medical history plays a significant role in setting up a treatment plan for you. Therefore, your doctor will observe your skin to check its type, the kind of scar, and general wellness because every skin has unique characteristics. You can inform your doctor about your current medications and supplements during the consultation. You can also talk about any conditions you may have, like cold sores and diabetes, and if you practice habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Your doctor will help you know what to expect after your treatment, and you can be honest about your skin goals.

Practice Certain Lifestyle Changes before Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can achieve better results if you maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Your doctor may recommend changes that include quitting smoking a few weeks before treatment and avoiding the sun and tanning beds. You may also need to stop medications like aspirin and certain supplements that may slow down the healing process. You will avoid skincare products that contain acid to avoid interfering with treatment results.

You Will Have to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

You may not benefit from laser treatment if you have sunburns and tanning on your skin because the treatment may cause discoloration and severe burns. You will still need to protect your skin after treatment as it may aggravate complications leading to another scar. Meanwhile, you can apply sunscreen and wear a hat when you leave the house until you have achieved complete healing.

You May Require more than One Laser Treatment Session

One laser treatment will give you results, but your doctor may recommend more sessions if you want long-lasting effects. You may require more than one session if your doctor applies the non-ablative laser technique.

You can visit Dr. Martha Viera Dermatology today if you have a troubling acne scar you want to eliminate. The dermatologists at the facility will ensure you get the most relaxing experience in a comfortable environment while treating your skin. You can schedule your consultation online when you choose to visit the website.

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