5 Amazing Facts That You Should Understand About Urgent Care

5 Amazing Facts That You Should Understand About Urgent Care

What do you do when you encounter a sudden illness? You may think of home remedies, although these treatments are not always effective. Therefore, you will contact your regular doctor for treatment options. However, the doctor may not be available, especially when you present the illness complaints on the weekend or after hours of their work. In that case, the better option is to make a Covington urgent visit to receive quality and immediate medical treatment. Here are 5 facts that you should understand about urgent care.

Urgent Care Is Different From the Emergency Care

Many people usually use the two words interchangeably to refer to the same thing while there is a clear difference between them. Emergency care treats life-threatening health complications such as stroke. In contrast, the urgent care clinic deals with illnesses requiring instant medical attention but are not life-threatening, such as minor sprains. Therefore, knowing the nature of your health condition is good before exploring treatment in urgent care facilities.

This Facility Has at Least Seven Exam Rooms

A large number of exam rooms in any health facility is crucial for providing quality care to patients. This instance is not an exception to the urgent care clinics, which have many exam rooms. The health care provider can attend to one patient in one exam room while the other patients are preparing in the other rooms.

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The Urgent Care Facilities Have a Shorter Waiting Time

Have you ever been admitted to the emergency room? You can agree with me that while in the waiting room, chances are that other patients have been waiting for their turn. In the emergency facilities, the providers usually begin addressing the more serious emergencies, increasing the waiting time. However, when you seek urgent care services, you only wait for a few minutes, which helps you resume your normal schedule.

Urgent Care Services Are Relatively Cheap

The cost of urgent care services is still a concern among many who claim these services are expensive. However, the cost of urgent services is not as expensive as the treatment of severe conditions. In the latter, the medical practitioners must make huge expenses on the equipment necessary to diagnose the life-threatening health condition, which is not the case with urgent care clinics.

You Can Make Appointments for the Urgent Care Services

Although you can walk into the urgent care clinic anytime, you can still make appointments. Some facilities have unique properties where you get notified online when it is your turn in the facility. Therefore, through these appointments, you can engage in your everyday activities while you keep checking your phone.

Your choice of treatment option when you encounter sudden health concerns is crucial. You should seek urgent care services when your illness is not life-threatening but requires critical medical intervention. At Oasis Healthcare Service, a team of experienced physicians and specialists offers the cut edging treatment options to patients needing urgent services. Click the online booking tool or call their offices in Conyers and Covington to get started.

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