Debunking Myths About Sinus Surgery

Debunking Myths About Sinus Surgery

Blocked sinuses can result in uncomfortable symptoms that may interfere with your ability to concentrate and perform at school or work. If your sinus blockage doesn’t respond to medications, you may need to consider sinus surgery Los Angeles. The surgery alleviates your symptoms, improving your quality of life.

What you should know about sinus surgery

Sinus surgery clears blockages and opens up the pathways in your sinuses. Medical experts recommend this treatment for patients with abnormal sinus structure, abnormal sinus growths, or recurrent sinus infections. Before recommending sinus surgery, your provider may begin your treatment with conservative therapies, such as antibiotics for sinus infections. Dr. Zadeh has years of experience performing sinus surgery and guarantees excellent results with minimal risks and complications. He utilizes live CT scans during the surgery to create three-dimensional images of your sinuses and nasal passages. Computer-aided surgery allows your provider better visibility, increasing surgical precision and minimizing risks.

Myths associated with sinus surgery

All surgeries sound frightening, but sinus surgery doesn’t have to be. Dr. Zadeh has performed many sinus surgeries, which have made breathing easier for many people and improved their sinus function. Despite these benefits, several myths about the procedures may discourage you from giving this treatment a chance. If you have any doubts or questions concerning sinus surgery, you can consult Dr. Zadeh, who can clear them up. Don’t allow these myths to cloud your judgment.

  • Sinusitis improves over time.

One of the myths is that sinusitis doesn’t need medical intervention. If you are considering this surgery, it means that the conservative approaches were ineffective. Anyone can develop sinusitis due to allergies, nasal polyps, or a common cold. The symptoms may last for over three months without treatment.

  • Sinus surgery involves scraping or external surgical incisions
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Dr. Zadeh specializes in minimally invasive surgery, which removes obstructed sinus cells without surgical tissue removal. Medical experts don’t scrape your sinuses because it eliminates the mucosa lining in your nose, resulting in bleeding and more crusting.

  • Nose packing is irritating.

Your provider will never pack your nose during any form of nasal surgery. Several decades earlier, nasal packing was used to prevent bleeding during surgery, but with the current advanced technology, it is no longer necessary. The team uses hemostatic foams to reduce post-surgery bleeding instead of nasal packing.

  • It takes a long time to recover from sinus surgery.

The common notion that surgical procedures have a longer recovery doesn’t apply to sinus surgery. Your recovery timeline will rely on the type of procedure and your overall health. Minor sinus surgeries often require a few days to recover, while complex techniques require about two weeks.

  • Sinus surgery is very expensive.

Most health insurance plans take care of sinus surgery expenses. You can check with your provider if your plan covers the treatment. Ensure that you communicate with your insurance carrier before scheduling the surgery.

Unproven myths should not prevent you from getting treatment that can make your life easier. Call Dr. Zadeh or schedule an appointment online for more information about sinus surgery.

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