Care Tips That You Should Observe for Your Feet if You Have Diabetes

Care Tips That You Should Observe for Your Feet if You Have Diabetes

Many people underrate their feet when observing the necessary measures to maintain overall health. This instance exposes their lower body parts to unbearable complications such as bunions which hinder them from doing what they love. The situation is even worse for individuals living with diabetes. Notably, diabetic conditions trigger damage to the nerves, which usually lower sensation making you prone to soreness, especially if you do not exercise good care for your feet. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you should embrace the following diabetic foot care Phoenix tips to stay in tune with your foot health.

Clean Your Feet

Cleaning your feet does wonders for your feet’ wellness. Wash your feet with clean water and mild soaps daily. After washing your feet, you should use a clean towel to dry the lower extremities. Keeping your feet clean helps to reduce the chances of fungal infection, which could worsen your blister conditions.

Examine Your Feet Regularly

Individuals living with diabetes are at greater risk of developing soreness in their feet without a sensation. Therefore, checking your feet more often for the redness and small cuts is recommended. Apply the magnifying hand mirror to see the lower parts of your feet. Once you notice any issue, no matter how minor it could be, you should contact your foot doctor.

Trim Your Nails Correctly

Overgrown nails are breeding places for fungal infections and bacteria, which exacerbate foot complications. In addition, long nails can hurt your feet’ skin, increasing the chance of soreness when you rub your feet against each other. Fortunately, through regular nail trimming, you can reduce these foot problems. However, it is worth noting that extremely short nails could cause ingrown toenails. Trim your nails straight and file them to reduce their roughness after the cut.

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Wear Proper-Fitting Shoes

While purchasing your shoes, do not pay much attention to the fashion and forget the comfort of the shoes. Buy shoes with ample room for your feet to avoid irritation and blistering. Your shoes should also support your ankles to boost your stability while walking. If you participate in sporting activities, you should talk to your coach about the correct shoes you should wear while playing.

Use Moisturizers

Your feet are vulnerable to dryness due to wear and tear, especially during the hot seasons. The dry skin is more vulnerable to cracking, which is more dominant in feet soles. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize your feet after a long day. Avoid applying lotions between the toes since they can increase the vulnerability to fungal infection. After moisturizing your feet during bedtime, it is commendable to wear dry socks to ensure that the bedding does not wipe off the moisturizing products.

Many people with diabetes have reported foot complications. Notably, high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels, which undermines the nervous system’s wellness. With damaged nerves, individuals are prone to get hurt without knowing, thus increasing blistering and soreness in their feet. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you should embrace the above care tips to keep your feet in good condition.

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