The Common Causes of Muscular Pain

The Common Causes of Muscular Pain

Your muscles are crucial when it comes to your mobility. Notably, gross movements such as walking and fine movements such as facial expressions are only possible through healthy muscles. However, the flexibility of these vital organs subjects them to strains that trigger muscular pain. Sometimes the muscle aches can resolve alone without the need for medical intervention. Nonetheless, if your muscular pain is associated with the trigger points along the muscles, it can worsen over time, undermining the quality of life. In that case, you should seek trigger point injections dubuque for reliable pain relief. Let us understand the following causes of muscular pain.

Strenuous Exercises

Physical exercises such as jogging play a crucial role in muscle building. However, when you engage in extreme activities, your muscles are subject to overuse, triggering pain episodes. Usually, during strenuous exercises, your body requires more energy which necessitates the decomposition of carbohydrates using the limited amount of oxygen in your body. Consequently, your muscles produce lactic acid, which causes muscle aches and soreness.


You may think there is no association between stress and muscle pain, but you are mistaken. Notably, when you are anxious, your body produces hormones that cause muscle tension. Over time, the excessive muscle tension breeds muscle aches which in turn causes other complications such as back pain and neck pain. For that reason, the health care provider recommends that individuals embrace stress management techniques such as meditation to reduce the possibility of muscle pain.

Underlying Health Conditions

Different health complications can trigger discomfort along the body’s muscles. For instance, immune system ailments such as multiple sclerosis can ignite swelling along the skeletal muscle, ultimately causing aches. Viral infections such as flu can cause muscle aches due to joint inflammation. Therefore, if you have chronic muscle pain, you should seek the appropriate diagnosis to treat the underlying condition behind your muscle discomfort.


You might have heard some people claim that they experience muscle stiffness after taking some medications and wondered about the chemistry behind it. Usually, certain medications, such as high blood pressure, cause muscle cell inflammation when you use them for a long time, which triggers muscle pain. Additionally, some treatment procedures, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, can cause muscle aches, especially if you receive them for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to talk with your provider about ways to minimize the side effects of the medications and therapies you intend to lean on.


Have you ever experienced sleeping problems accompanied by widespread pain? If yes, you can attest that condition is debilitating. Fibromyalgia usually manifests with tingling and stiffness in the different muscles within your body, such as feet and hands. Besides, with this condition, you can experience muscle aches along your jaw, thus interfering with how you chew your favorite meals.

A large number of people experience muscle aches in their daily lives. The muscle discomfort resolves alone, especially when you take a break from strenuous activities. Nevertheless, if you encounter persistent muscle pain in different body parts, it could imply that you have underlying conditions other than the typical causes. In that case, you should consider appropriate medical intervention for long-lasting relief.

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