Effective Nonsurgical Treatments To Relieve Back Pain

Effective Nonsurgical Treatments To Relieve Back Pain

Almost every person is likely to experience back pain at some point. Back pain can be devastating and overwhelming as it can prevent you from carrying out your favorite activities like running and playing. Some San Antonio back pain cases are common due to spinal deformity, strain, and injuries. If you are a victim, undergoing surgery to address your condition can pose a lot of anxiety and fear. Fortunately, there are alternative nonsurgical procedures you can consider. Below are some of the most effective nonsurgical treatments for relieving back pain.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes your doctor can suggest physical therapy for your back pain. Your therapist applies this procedure to strengthen your back via exercises. Furthermore, your physical therapist educates the effective ways of doing these exercises. Some include posture correction, stretching, flexibility exercises, and core strengthening. Usually, physical therapy can be effective for some weeks to a few months. Your therapist may recommend doing some exercise at home to see quick results.

Injection Treatments

A steroid injection can be your solution if your back pain is severe. Steroid injections can eliminate back complications such as sciatica. Sciatica pain results from irritation of the spinal nerve. Furthermore, they are anti-inflammatory drugs that effectively reduce swelling near your nerve. Your physician administers steroid injections to the targeted site to minimize inflammation.


Usually, there are highly inflammatory diets like those rich in trans fats, processed foods, and refined sugars. They can effectively address the discomfort in your back. Therefore, you should talk to your healthcare provider to know if your diet contributes to your back pain and how to change it. If you maintain a healthy weight, you are safe from being overweight or obese, which adds extra stress to your back, leading to chronic back pain.

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Pharmacological Treatments

Muscle relaxants and analgesics, among other medicines, can be essential in helping cope with back pain, especially chronic back pain. Unfortunately, they can cause undesirable side effects, and you are cautioned not to consider them for prolonged use. For instance, you should avoid using opioid medications as the first and only treatment for your chronic back pain because they are addictive.

Manual Manipulation

This procedure is also effective in addressing back pain. During the treatment, your chiropractor physically adjusts your spine. The provider also applies hand thrusts of different forces and speeds to change your spinal structure. The main objective of this procedure is to enhance mobility and minimize discomfort, stiffness, and pain. Manual manipulation is mainly effective for reducing lower back pain.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Certain meditation and mindfulness practices can assist you in coping with the psychological impacts of chronic pain. They enable you to manage with depression, frustration, and irritability you can encounter. Therefore, you should consult your rehabilitation specialists concerning these regimes. Psychologists can suggest you embrace relaxation strategies such as meditation, tai chi, and yoga. Being able to manage your stress can be effective in eliminating pain in your back.

Back pain is one major issue affecting your mobility and ability to carry out activities. If you fear surgery, consider nonsurgical options like physical therapy, diet, meditation, or injections. Unfortunately, they are ineffective in completely solving your back pain, meaning you may require surgery. Surgery effectively decomposes a nerve root and stabilizes a painful back segment. Talk to a surgeon if your back pain is still present after 12 weeks of nonsurgical treatments.

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