Quick and Handy Facts About IVF You Need to Know

Quick and Handy Facts About IVF You Need to Know

Most people experiencing challenges in conceiving can benefit from in vitro fertilization. Therefore, IVF can help couples battling fertility problems conceive a child, thus enabling them to fulfill their parenting dream. However, before undergoing the procedure, it is beneficial to research and learn more about IVF before undergoing this fertility treatment. You can schedule your IVF treatment session at New York Noble Fertility Center and start your IVF cycles to help you conceive and carry your baby to term. Below are some essential facts you need to know before undergoing IVF.

The age of your eggs matters

Generally, the advanced age of about thirty-five years and above usually impacts a woman’s fertility. Therefore, the older you get, the number and quality of your eggs reduce. Therefore, ensure that the eggs to be used are collected when you are in your twenties when your fertility rate is higher than when you are approaching menopause because your fertility rate reduces. However, if you are past your twenties, you may be advised to use a donor egg, especially if you have undergone several failed IVF cycles with your eggs.

IVF cycles are longer than menstrual cycles

Usually, IVF may be assumed to be a very complicated procedure in terms of the steps involved, but it is simple regarding the time consumed. Generally, an average IVF cycle might take around four to six weeks because the procedure involves several steps to determine and ensure that viable embryos are developed. Another additional four to six weeks are needed to transfer and implant the embryo into your uterus, and two more weeks are needed to examine whether the procedure is successful. Therefore, the average time needed for each complete IVF cycle is three months, while an average menstrual cycle takes one month.

It may require more than one IVF round

It is not unusual for a couple to undergo several IVF rounds before they conceive. It is essential to note that you may need to use donor sperm, donor egg, or donor embryo, especially if your previous rounds have been unsuccessful. In this case, your healthcare provider will help you decide which alternative method will work best for you concerning your fertility history and diagnosis.

Pregnancy rates are not similar to live birth rates

You should choose the best fertility center when you are undergoing your IVF. However, you should understand that pregnancy and live birth rates are different. Therefore, ensure you inquire about the facility center’s live birth rates for couples of your age and fertility group.

It may affect your emotional and mental health

Even though some couples may conceive after one IVF round, others may require several rounds to conceive. Others might not even conceive after undergoing several rounds, which impacts their mental and emotional health.

The qualified specialists at Nobel Fertility Center are committed to ensuring your IVF journey is transparent and clear. You can consult or reach out to them if you want IVF to help you conceive and achieve your parenting dream. They can also help you learn and understand various facts you need to know concerning IVF and other essential factors you need to consider before undergoing the procedure. If interested, you can visit their website and schedule your appointment online.

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