Four Different Spinal Services your Doctor can address

Four Different Spinal Services your Doctor can address

You may develop a spinal abnormality as a progressing condition requiring advanced treatment options. Dr. Patrick S. McNulty holds a record in giving the best effective treatment to his patients, allowing them the opportunity to live normally again. His years of expertise are indispensable as they show how well he does his work. He will guide you through treatment options, from traditional to less invasive procedures. You will get a hand to hold you as you recover and improve your pain symptoms.

What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis causes a forward rounding of your upper back, causing spinal weakness, and may lead to cracking and compressing of the bones. You may have mild Kyphosis causing you minor issues. However, severe Kyphosis can bring pain and may lead to disfiguring. Your symptoms will cause stiffness and back pain, but it may be hard to notice if they are mild. The causes of Kyphosis include fractures, weak bones, disk degeneration, and underlying diseases.

What Treatments Can Address Kyphosis?

Your treatment will depend on the severity and cause of your symptoms. You may take medications consisting of pain relievers and bone-strengthening drugs to reduce the symptoms of Kyphosis. There are cases of Kyphosis that require therapy to improve flexibility.


The condition causes sideways curvature of the spine, mostly in adolescents. Scoliosis may continue to grow as your child keeps growing, and severe cases may constrict the chest, making it difficult to breathe. Mild scoliosis may be difficult to notice, but if you do, you should seek medical attention.

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How do Doctors Treat Scoliosis?

Your child may not require any treatment for mild scoliosis, apart from regular monitoring to check for worsening symptoms. Treatment can include bracing and surgeries to correct the curvatures and straighten the spine.

Pain Management

The techniques of pain management aim to control your pain using medications, therapy, and other procedures. You may need pain management if you have conditions causing pain like arthritis, autoimmune disorders, chronic pains, and back injuries. Pain management procedures may include injections, medications, and therapy to reduce pain. The procedures can help you restore your physical and mental health.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries

Your doctor may recommend these procedures to treat spinal deformities like scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and spine infections. The procedure requires minimal skin incision, and your doctor passes an endoscope through that incision. Minimally invasive surgeries lead to minimal injuries and damage to your tissues, thus allowing for quick recovery. The procedure may include spinal fusion, which involves connecting vertebrae to stop movement between them. Your doctor may use bonelike material and place them in the space, then hold them in place with rods and screws. The treatment works to improve stability while correcting damage and eliminating pain. Recovery may take several months before your spine can completely fuse.

Find an expert who can address your spinal issues at the McNulty Spine facility. You will get an extensive evaluation of your condition then the team will help you identify a working treatment option. The team will guide you on your treatment plan and help you make informed decisions on your health. Schedule an online consultation when you visit the website.

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