Benefits of Same-day CEREC Dental Crowns

Benefits of Same-day CEREC Dental Crowns

A dental crown can protect damaged or fractured teeth and halt deterioration. Their appearance and strength make them ideal for dental restoration procedures. A custom fit is crucial for the durability and effectiveness of the crown. You can rely on Dr. Arman Dayan for a tailored treatment plan suitable for your oral health and preferences.

Why do you need a crown?

A crown is a cup-shaped dental prosthetic that encircles the upper part of your tooth. It is made from a strong material like ceramic or porcelain, which also complements the aesthetics of your teeth.

Your dentist may recommend crowns to address discolored or chipped teeth. It can protect fractured or deteriorating teeth that cannot be fixed with other treatments like dental fillings.

Dental crowns protect the tooth’s interior from infections after root canal treatment. A root canal involves removing the inner part of the tooth to manage pain and reduce inflammation. The tooth will still be functional, but a crown may secure the teeth from fractures and bacterial infestation.

A crown is affixed onto a dental implant to complete the structure of the artificial tooth. Your dentist may also use it to replace damaged crowns from a previous procedure.

What is a same-day crown?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a crown made from highly durable ceramic material. The crown is fabricated and implanted using computer-assisted technology.

The CEREC crown procedure is usually completed within the same day. Conventional crowns take two weeks between the initial and the final appointment.

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CEREC utilizes computer-aided design and manufacturing to record the impressions of your teeth. The computer system can also fabricate and install the crown with high levels of precision.

Benefits of same-day crowns

Unlike in the past, the same-day crown procedure is completed on the same day. You are free to go back to your daily activities after the treatment.

Other benefits include:

It is comfortable and safe

Same-day crowns utilize computer-aided processes to create a digital impression of your teeth. The process is not only precise, but it also eliminates the need for messy dental putty.

The non-invasive process is beneficial for patients with a gag reflex. A gag reflex can make treatment complicated with traditional procedures. Therefore, CEREC crowns are safer and more comfortable than their conventional counterparts.

CEREC crowns are aesthetically pleasing

CEREC crowns are made from porcelain and designed to resemble the natural surface of your teeth. 3D impressions ensure the crown fits accurately onto your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

You can choose the shape and size of your tooth to restore deteriorating teeth. Your dentist can also design the crown to lengthen the tooth and improve your smile.

Durable and low maintenance

Porcelain makes CEREC crowns strong and durable. The high precision during fabrication reduces incidences of complications.

They are also low-maintenance. You can maintain their color by adhering to your routine dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing are essential to prevent periodontal disease and crown damage. Nonetheless, CEREC crowns are the most convenient option available.

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