What Plastic Surgeon Want You To Know About Cosmetic

What Plastic Surgeon Want You To Know About Cosmetic

You live in an age of hyper-information; you can easily find information about almost everything, from medical information to the nearest pet shop. But for medical information, you would still need professional input. 

Also, not every piece of information you read online is accurate. This list addresses things your cosmetic surgeon wishes you knew about certain misconceptions related to popular treatments. 

Botox Is Different From Fillers.

Contrary to popular belief, Botox and fillers don’t serve the same purpose. Yes, they’re both injected into your face for aesthetic enhancement, but they have different chemical compositions. 

The major difference between fillers and botox is botox works to freeze the facial muscles to prevent creases and wrinkles in the face. But dermal fillers add volume and smoothness by filling up facial areas that lose shape. Also, fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, while botox is made of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

Not All Fillers Are Created Equal.

Fillers for the face are different from fillers for the lips. Your doctor will know the best type of filler based on the treated area. Also, the doctor will consider your medical history, allergies, and the amount of fillers you need to get the desired results. 

What worked for your friends or relatives might not work for you; following your doctor’s advice is vital. 

The Final Results Depend On Your Recovery.

The outcome of any cosmetic surgery will depend on your recovery. It includes what you do and don’t do in this crucial period. 

Many people need to learn that the success of medical surgery is determined by how well they prepare and how they take care of themselves soon after it. In most cases, doctors will give you instructions to follow before and after surgery, and it’s essential to follow them carefully. 

Although the list may vary according to the procedure, in most cases, a patient is always advised to avoid things like alcohol, fish oil pills, anti-inflammatory medication, and also smoking. 

You’re Never Too Old For Cosmetic Surgeries.  

You must be eligible for any medical or cosmetic procedure; your doctor typically decides if you qualify. There is a reasonable age for cosmetic surgeries, but you’re never too old for cosmetic procedures. 

Age will never be the determining factor for one to start having the anti-aging process. Some patients start Botox and fillers at 25 years old to ensure the outcome becomes much more favorable as they grow older. 

Rhinoplasty Can Be More Than Cosmetic Procedure 

Some patients have difficulties breathing due to a deviated septum. It could be because of birth trauma or injury. But in both cases, your doctor might suggest a septorhinoplasty procedure that prioritizes repairing the deviated septum and then enhancing the nose aesthetically. 

Most people believe rhinoplasty Turkey is purely cosmetic, but the doctor can use rhinoplasty as a reparative and aesthetic procedure. 

Being Healthy Doesn’t Qualify You For All Procedures 

Being physically healthy is the bare minimum for most surgical procedures, but the doctor will examine your mental and emotional stability for cosmetic procedures. If the doctor believes you have an unrealistic expectation or you’re under external pressure to have the procedure, they will not agree to qualify you. 

Your mental and emotional health has to be stable and normal to recover from surgical procedures. But you’re entitled to pursue another doctor’s consultation if you believe you qualify. 

Revision Surgeries Are More Common Than You Think

Revision surgery doesn’t mean the initial surgery failed; in most cases, the patient isn’t satisfied with the results and needs slight enhancement. 

You might wonder, should I return to the same doctor or travel abroad to seek a more experienced surgeon? 

It might be easier to seek an experienced doctor abroad with the help of a travel medical agency. You will find an affordable doctor, and the agency will arrange all your travel plans. 

All Surgical Procedures Have Risks.

The magnitude of risks may vary from one surgery to another, but every plastic surgery procedure has potential side effects. It would be best if you found a well-experienced doctor. Experienced doctors can help minimize potential risks – no matter what procedure you are having. 

Plastic Surgery Isn’t A Luxury Anymore. 

Cosmetic surgery procedures are no longer reserved for celebrities and the affluent. It is one of the reasons why plastic surgery has increasingly become more popular. 

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend much money to undergo plastic surgery. If you decide to travel abroad, especially to medical tourism hubs like Turkey, Poland, and Hungary, you can find an experienced surgeon at an affordable price.

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