5 Common Myths Revolving Around the Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths Revolving Around the Root Canal Treatment

A glowing smile says a lot about you to the people around you. Any person will give you credit for being responsible if you have glittering white teeth. However, some dental complications, such as tooth decay, may undermine the healthy appearance of your teeth. Alongside reduced attractiveness, tooth decay can affect the pulp of your teeth, thus increasing the sensitivity of your teeth and hindering you from enjoying your favorite meal. Fortunately, you can reverse all those concerns through root canal Bellevue and enjoy your life again. This procedure helps to remove the damaged nerves in the tooth center, thus reducing the risk of tooth loss. While preparing for the root canal treatment, the following common myths should never hold you back.

The Procedure Is Painful

The idea of removing the pulp from your teeth might sound frightening, especially when exploring root canal therapy for the first time. However, you should never bother about pain anymore since the specialists use an anesthetic, which helps to alleviate any discomfort during this procedure.

Tooth Extraction Is the Best Alternative

After months of sleepless nights because of tooth pain, telling your dentist to pull out the tooth may be tempting. However, this is not a good idea since each tooth in your mouth has its purpose. You may regret that missing a tooth can reduce uniformity when chewing your meals. Therefore, the root canal is the best option for your dental wellness unless your dentist recommends tooth extraction.

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The Root Canal Treatment Is Costly

Many are afraid of exploring this procedure, claiming it is expensive. The truth, however, is that if you consider the long-term impacts of root canal treatment, you will find out that it is affordable. After repairing the infected tooth through this procedure, you will continue accruing the benefits of natural teeth without needing implants, which may need significant investment.

Root Canal Therapy Is Time-Consuming

The mention of the root canal involving the repair of the infected pulp can make you think the procedure is lengthy. The truth is that a single visit to your endodontist is enough for the procedure to be complete. Although the appointment length may vary depending on the type of tooth treated, the procedure usually lasts approximately one hour.

The Root Canal Is Only Relevant When You Have Toothache

You may think that you will only explore the root canal treatment when you experience pain in your tooth, but you are mistaken. You can have infections in your teeth without experiencing pain since your body may have other mechanisms to deal with the condition. Therefore, if you have a tooth infection, you should not ignore it. It is good to rush to the endodontist for them to diagnose whether you need root canal therapy.

Are you living with an abscessed tooth? If yes, you should know that you are running the risk of losing your tooth. It is, therefore, necessary to undergo root canal treatment for your infected tooth before it is too late. A team of dental specialists at EZ Dental Clinic diagnosed different symptoms of dental complications and conducted root canal treatments for infected patients. Click the booking tool to request an appointment, or call their Bellevue, WA office today to get started.

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