Everything You Require To Know About Semen Analysis

Everything You Require To Know About Semen Analysis

A sperm analysis procedure involves examining a semen sample for general sperm health. The method can assist your Bedford CARE Fertility doctor in determining the root cause of your inability to conceive, or it may validate the outcome of a vasectomy. A sperm analysis checks for numerous indicators of sperm health, like the number of sperm in 1 ml (milliliter) of semen, the shape and size of the sperm, and the ability of the sperm to move appropriately.

Reasons to undergo a semen analysis procedure

Most people undertake semen analysis due to the following reasons;

  1. Test for male infertility: When couples are experiencing difficulty conceiving, a semen analysis is frequently advised. The test will assist a doctor in determining whether a man is infertile. The process will also aid in establishing whether a low sperm count or sperm malfunction causes infertility.
  2. Test for vasectomy success: Men who have undergone a vasectomy have their sperm tested to ensure there is no sperm in their semen. As a permanent type of birth control, the tubes that move sperm from your testicles to the penis are cut and sealed during a vasectomy. Doctors frequently recommend that men undergo sperm analysis once a month for three months after a vasectomy to check that sperm is no longer present in their semen.

How does a sperm analysis function

Patients masturbate to generate a semen sample. This method is preferred since it produces a clean sample. Because sperm counts change daily, you may need to give multiple samples separated by a few weeks. Your healthcare specialists will then handle and test the semen using research-based procedures. Additionally, using a facility that specializes in sperm analysis provides precise findings.

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How to prepare for your sperm analysis process

Your doctor will tell you what to do to prepare for the semen analysis. It is critical to follow these guidelines for precise results.

  1. Preparing for a semen analysis when used for fertility testing

You will require to abstain from sexual activity for 2-7 days. This includes masturbation and intercourse. Doing so guarantees sperm counts are at their highest level, allowing for a thorough analysis.

  1. Preparing for a post-vasectomy semen analysis

This test is performed after a vasectomy, usually 8 to 12 weeks later. It’s beneficial to masturbate several times after your vasectomy. This helps clear sperm from your system.

Outlook after a semen analysis

A semen analysis that’s conclusive needs careful collection and examination of several specimens. The test can offer various information that could aid in determining variables that influence your fertility.

A sperm analysis is a laboratory test that assesses sperm count, motility, morphology, and other factors. It can be used as a fertility test in males or to validate the success of a vasectomy. You must follow the instructions and submit a clean sample for reliable results. Abnormal findings frequently indicate that more testing is required. It is a common practice to retake the exam to validate your findings or identify the next evaluation stages. Call CARE Fertility to schedule your appointment today to determine if the semen analysis procedure is best for you.

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