Types of Nurse Practitioner Specializations

Types of Nurse Practitioner Specializations

Nurse practitioners are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) trained in Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice. The practitioners can act as primary or specialty care providers. Your Evergreen Park nurse practitioner can diagnose illnesses, order diagnostic tests, interpret lab work and diagnostic tests, provide treatments and prescribe medications. Nurse practitioners perform many medical duties when there is a shortage of specialists. A nurse practitioner can provide general health services or specialize in a certain medical field. There are various types of nurse practitioner specializations, which include:

Acute care nurse practitioner

Ana acute care nurse practitioner is an advanced registered nurse who diagnoses and treats acute, chronic, and critical conditions. The nurse collaborates with other health professionals to care for adult and pediatric populations. Acute care nurse practitioners can work in emergency rooms or short-term care facilities. An acute care nurse practitioner can complete programs online, providing flexibility for work.

Pediatric nurse practitioner

Pediatric nurse practitioners work alongside pediatricians to provide primary care to infants, kids, and adolescents up to twenty-one years old. The nurses focus on promoting wellness and preventing and managing common health issues. A pediatric nurse practitioner can analyze lab work and diagnostic tests and develop the best treatment plan for young patients. In some cases, pediatric nurse practitioners educate parents on disease prevention and management for their children.

Cardiac nurse practitioner

Cardiac nurse practitioners can perform comprehensive cardiovascular assessments, interpret results and manage treatments. The professional work closely with physicians and often care for patients with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and arrhythmias. A cardiac nurse practitioner can interpret diagnostic tests independently or with the help of a cardiac specialist.

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Neonatal nurse practitioner

Neonatal nurse practitioners specialize in treating preterm and full-term infants at risk or having chronic health conditions. The practitioners work with other medical providers in acute and non-acute settings to evaluate, diagnose and manage the health of young patients. A neonatal nurse practitioner can offer advanced medical care and support families of babies with severe conditions during stressful episodes.

Oncology nurse practitioner

Oncology is a medical specialty that deals with cancer patients. Oncology nurse practitioners work closely with surgeons, physicians, and palliative caregivers to help cancer patients in their treatment journey. These nurses are trained to address cancer patients’ physical and physiological needs. The nurses can also provide educational programs about cancer prevention and managing the condition in and out of medical facilities.

Orthopedic nurse practitioner

An orthopedic nurse is trained to care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The nurse can analyze diagnostic tests and develop suitable treatment plans. Orthopedic nurses work with other orthopedic specialists to help evaluate and treat patients. These professionals can work in clinics, hospitals, and physician office’s to help plan follow-up care for effective recovery. A nurse practitioner can also help a physical therapist train patients to use orthopedic devices like crutches.

Nurse practitioners work closely with other medical professionals to help care for patients with different health conditions. These practitioners can specialize in various medical fields, including pediatric, cardiac, oncology, orthopedic and acute care. Schedule an appointment at Vascular Specialists to receive medical care from trained and experienced nurse practitioners.

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