5 Benefits of Seeing an OB-GYN

5 Benefits of Seeing an OB-GYN

Sometimes pregnancy can happen when we least expect it, and at times, we can plan for it. However, despite how you get pregnant, seeing a South Charleston board certified OB-GYN improves the chances of carrying a healthy pregnancy. Your OB-GYN guides you when you want to start a family, and you may discuss family planning and the wish to have a child. Before getting a child, they may recommend the right supplements to increase conception and guide you through the prenatal and postnatal periods. Here are reasons to see a board-certified OB-GYN.

They Improve Fertility

Some people are fertile naturally, while some might need assistance to get pregnant or carry the baby to term. Thus, you may see an OB-GYN to improve fertility, as they offer supplements that increase the chances of getting pregnant and getting a baby. They will recommend the right food to improve fertility and best practices, such as having intercourse during ovulation.

The OB-GYN may recommend hormonal treatments which deal with temporary infertility and treat issues such as uterine fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes. Sometimes permanent infertility can reduce the chances of getting pregnant, and the doctor will recommend remedies such as surrogacy or sperm and egg donations. Additionally, if you are healthy, they may recommend fertility tests on your sperm to determine if they have a high sperm count and viable sperm.

They Treat STDs

OB-GYN treats sexually transmitted diseases that affect your fertility. STDs can cause chronic pelvic pain and affect the bladder. The OB-GYN will guide you on preventing STDs, such as using protection when dating several or sticking with one partner. They may educate you on detecting early signs of STDs, making management and treatment easier.

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They Advocate For Effective Family Planning

The OB-GYN advocates for family planning methods that work effectively for each patient. Although almost all family planning methods are effective, some might work more effectively than others. They will educate you on the side effects of family planning methods and recommend the right ones based on your health status.

They Care For Pregnant Women

The OB-GYN cares for pregnant women and educates them on proper nutrition, which improves the fetus’s health. They will recommend suitable exercises for pregnant women who keep their babies healthy. The OB-GYN will examine the baby’s and the mother’s health to ensure the fetus has normal development growth and meets the expected milestones at the right time. They may determine if the baby has hereditary issues which can affect their health once they are born.

They Offer Postnatal Care

Most women overlook the importance of postnatal care, but caring for mothers after they have babies is vital for their health. They will recommend the right supplements which improve healing after baby delivery and ensure the baby is healthy.

You should see an OB-GYN when planning to have a baby, as they care for the mother and baby during pregnancy. The OB-GYN can guide patients on the best ways to increase fertility, such as engaging in intercourse during ovulation, eating healthily, and treating infertility issues. They deal with STDs and teach patients about symptoms that indicate the presence of an STD. Additionally, they advocate for effective family planning care for mothers during the prenatal and postnatal periods.

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