Oilfield Accidents and Injuries: How a Lawyer Can Help Victims Secure Compensation

Oilfield Accidents and Injuries: How a Lawyer Can Help Victims Secure Compensation

Accidents that occur in oilfields don’t always lead to deaths, but the majority of those who survive tend to suffer from serious and traumatic injuries. These injuries can instantly turn your life upside down, so you want to pursue a claim to secure maximum compensation from the party responsible for the accident. To make this happen, you need an experienced injury attorney who can enlighten you about your legal rights and options.

Common Kinds of Oilfield Accidents and Injuries

Victims of any of the following oilfield accidents can sustain serious injuries and losses:

  • Slip and fall. This accident can occur in an oil field where workers have to work with chemicals and oil. It can result in injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and back or neck injuries. A slip and fall accident usually happens on slippery high platforms and when a worker moves high-risk machinery.
  • Electrocution. Oil field equipment is powered by electricity, which can be quite dangerous for those who work there. When exposed to electricity, a worker can suffer from burns and shocks as well as become unconscious. A lot of electrical accidents lead to fatalities since many oil fields exist in remote locations. Thus, accident victims won’t be able to get immediate medical attention.
  • Equipment malfunction. Equipment used in oilfields is heavy and intricate. When it malfunctions, it can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, crushed or severed limbs, brain injuries, as well as back and neck injuries.
  • Rig collapse. Rigs these days can weigh up to 30, 000 tons. Rigs can become unstable due to rushed construction as well as a lack of proper balance and stability.
  • Fires or explosions. Due to electrical systems and chemicals, fires or explosions can occur in oil fields. Such accidents often result in deaths.
  • Poisonous gas leak and exposure. One of the processes that occur in oil fields is oil extraction. During this process, employees can inhale poisonous gases like hydrogen sulfide

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

An oil field accident attorney can help victims get the best settlement. They will communicate with different sources like witnesses and obtain medical records. They use this information for proving that the victim wasn’t to blame for the accident and their injuries.

In addition, an oilfield attorney will determine the damages the victims can recover. Injured victims may accumulate hospital bills while not getting their wages. Also, they can sustain pain and suffering due to their injuries. The more damages an attorney can prove the higher the settlement the victim can secure.

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