Vintage fashion trends of the 1960’s

Vintage fashion trends of the 1960’s

The 1960s is widely considered one of the most influential decades due to the range of shifts that occurred in popular culture. These changes included aesthetic, industrial, political and social ones. The 1960s are known as the “Swinging Sixties” as it had a revolution of culture that was driven by young people that broke the taboos on many social topics. To name a few significant changes of the 1960s, there was the introduction of the all-colour film, the Beatles revolution, and Elvis Presley rose to fame. However, one of the most important or prolific changes that hit the 1960s was the fashion trends that developed. When people think of the 1960s, they immediately think of the wide range of clothing styles that were made popular. These trends still impact our current trends, and the fashion cycles are clear. From men’s paisley shirts to women wearing tie-dye, we’re going to take you through some of the vintage fashion trends of the 1960s.

Paisley Patterns

Think of some of your favourite patterns on fabric; got them? There is a high chance that most of the ones you can come up with were made in the 1960s. One example of this is paisley. Paisley patterns are of Persian origin; however, in the 1960s, it became affiliated with the psychedelic style and was integrated into mainstream fashion via the Beatles. It was particularly popular in the 1967 Summer of Love, and nowadays, it is still fashionable and can come in the form of men’s paisley shirts from vintage clothing stores.

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Bell bottoms

If you don’t know what bell bottoms are, then it’s time for a serious fashion check. Bell bottoms are also known as flares, and they’re a style of trousers that become wider from the knees or ankles downwards. They get their namesake as they form a bell-like shape of the trouser leg. In the 1960s, this style of trousers became popular among men and women, and they’ve been revived on and off ever since their initial introduction into mainstream fashion.

Peace Signs

Peace signs were originally established as a symbol of peace and love well before the 1960s. However, they rose in fame due to the anti-war movement of the decade, which was used by young people to fight back against nuclear war. By 1968 the peace symbol was associated with the hippie movement and was gradually integrated into fashion. Peace signs were seen on jewellery accessories and later as prints on clothes or headscarves. This is also another symbol that rise and falls in popularity through the years.

Tie-Dye Clothing

Tie-dye is used to describe the process of folding, scrunching and dying clothing to achieve a rippling colour effect. They were originally used in popular culture in the 1960s in the United States as part of the hippie clothing movement. Tie-dye became a cliche over the years as it became more and more accessible. Although, similar to all the other trends we’ve mentioned, tie dye still does come into popularity every few years.

Although we’ve highlighted a few of the key vintage fashion trends that occurred in the 1960s, there are many more to be discussed. 1960s fashion created some great trends that are still alive today. If you want to try and find some pieces that represent 1960s fashion, you’ll be able to find some in thrift and vintage stores. Or, if you ask around, you might be able to find some true and original clothes from that era!

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