7 Exercises you can do while working from home without breaking your routine

7 Exercises you can do while working from home without breaking your routine

Combining working and fitness can be complicated when working remotely; this is due to how easy it is to finish a little later when working from home, and obviously, the later you spend working, the lower the chance of you travelling to the gym to have a workout. Because of this, lots of people have turned to working out at home. This helps you keep active and break your working day up, which is proven to make you more productive. To start your new workout regimen right, why not buy new shoes using these Converse discount codes.


But what type of workouts are the most effective to do while working from home? This helpful list will take you through some of the best exercises you can efficiently perform when working from home.


  1. Starting your day with a brisk walk.

Starting your day with a brisk walk is not only a great way to start the day and wake up, but also it has been proven that it increases productivity throughout the day. A walk is also a great way to lose weight; as you know, getting in your 10,000 steps per day is a known way to improve fitness, no matter the size of the individual. 


  1. Setting up an hourly alert as a reminder of the movement

Setting up an hourly alarm to remind you of movement is a great way to keep your body active and break up the day from those stressful calls with clients and other employees. Once the alarm goes off, you can choose what to do for 5-10 minutes,

whether stretches, sit-ups, press-ups, or even some star jumps. Keeping consistent movement throughout the day in short bursts is enough exercise for the whole day instead of even stepping into the gym. For example, if you are used to having a 90-minute workout in the gym, that is not too dissimilar to having nine short 10-minute workouts throughout the day.


  1. Burpees in between client calls

Client calls can be so stressful at times, so having a little break in between calls to perform a few burpees can be very beneficial; building up a bit of sweat can put all of your stresses at ease; something else you can do is to time yourself and keep trying to beat your latest score, adding a competitive edge to the exercise will make you want to keep doing it consistently.


  1. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are an excellent way to keep your blood circulating; this is very important when you sit down for most of the day if not all. Ensuring your blood is circulating correctly is pivotal, as when you have poor blood circulation, you will have a bigger chance of developing a blood clot.


  1. Planking on your lunch break

During your lunch break, you can sometimes move from your desk chair to your sofa downstairs, going from sitting down to sitting down. But performing a planking workout is excellent for blood circulation, just like jumping jacks and your core, which can sometimes be a hard muscle to target without the correct equipment.


  1. Tricep dips off of your office chair.

Using your office equipment as a makeshift piece of workout equipment is a creative and inventive way to perform your workout. Tricep dips are a great way to build muscle when you have no equipment to hand; using your body weight, you

can build muscle effectively.


  1. Squat challenge against your colleagues virtually

A squatting challenge is not only an excellent way for you to keep fit as it is hard to perform and requires you to use lots of energy, but turning this into a challenge with your colleagues will give you the competitive edge needed when working from home. You will get your fellow team members on a video call, and you will all be able to perform squats together; that way, you know nobody will be able to cheat, but be careful not to be over-competitive; we don’t want arguments in the workplace.


Now you have discovered the seven best exercises you can perform to keep fit while working from home. You have no problem achieving your beach body even if you can’t find the time to make it to the gym.

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