How to Manage or Stop a Psychedelic Trip

How to Manage or Stop a Psychedelic Trip

Embarking on psychedelic experience can induce altered states of consciousness, expand one’s perception, and facilitate profound insights. However, not all these experiences are positive. Sometimes, you may find yourself in challenging or risky situations.

In that case, you must know how to manage these situations and, if necessary, how to stop them. Want to know how to stop tripping? Below, we have shown some techniques to help you safely manage or stop psychedelic tripping.

1. Set and Setting

Setting and setting is one of the most critical factors in getting out of a psychedelic trip. Set refers to ensuring you’re in a stable mental state. If you’re emotionally unstable, feeling anxious, or depressed, you have to avoid psychedelics.

Also, having a clear intention and purpose for your trip can provide you with guidance throughout the experience. On the other hand, setting refers to creating a safe and comfortable environment.

You have to eliminate unnecessary distractions and surround yourself with an experienced trip sitter who can provide you with support and assistance.

2. Change your Environment

Changing your environment can also help you shift the trajectory of the challenging trip. All you have to do is move to another room or simply change the music or lighting of your room.

The best thing about changing your surroundings is that it will alleviate discomfort from a psychedelic trip.

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3. Seek Support

Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced trip sitter if you’re unable to cope with the psychedelic experience. A trusted trip sitter can provide the necessary guidance to manage your difficulties.

They can also create a safe and comfortable environment to avoid accidents. So, next time you undergo a psychedelic trip, make sure to have someone besides you who can provide you with physical comfort throughout the experience.

4. Choose the Right Dosage of Psychedelic Substances

Make sure to choose the correct dosage of psychedelic substances to manage the tripping successfully. You have to begin with a low dosage and then slowly move on to the moderate dosage if you’re inexperienced about the substances.

Every substance comes with different side effects and benefits. So, make sure to have a better knowledge of these substances to make an informed decision.

5. Relaxation Techniques

Start breathing deeply and consciously if you are on an overwhelming psychedelic journey. You have to focus on your deep breathing combined with relaxation techniques, such as meditation, to reduce stress and anxiety and calm your mind.

6. Medication

If the above strategies don’t work, medication may be the last and the best option to manage the psychedelic experience. Some medications include Benzodiazepines, such as lorazepam and diazepam, which can help you reduce the intensity of tripping.

Remember to undergo this strategy under the guidance of a medical professional to avoid potential risks.

Wrapping Up

As psychedelic journeys can also be risky and challenging, it is crucial to approach these experiences with safety and preparation. From set and setting to choosing the right dosage, it is possible to manage or stop the tripping.

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So, if you find yourself in a difficult situation during a trip, you can follow the above strategies, or you can also seek professional help to have a safe and comfortable experience.

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