Battling with Chronic Disease: 4 Signs You Should Consider Naturopathy

Battling with Chronic Disease: 4 Signs You Should Consider Naturopathy

Chronic diseases can affect more than your physical health. Since these conditions become a part of your existence, they eventually take a toll on your quality of life. For example, chronic fatigue makes you lethargic, fibromyalgia leads to a dependence on painkillers, gastrointestinal issues affect your lifestyle, and allergies make you live on the edge. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are even worse.

Did you know that six in ten American adults currently live with a chronic disease? The numbers indicate a massive burden on patients and the healthcare system. Naturopathy has emerged as an effective alternative for addressing these conditions without overdependence on medication. With its sustainable and holistic approach to healing, naturopathy works for most people and delivers results for the long haul.

Research validates the efficacy of whole-system naturopathic medicine in treating select chronic diseases. However, as a patient, you may have second thoughts about replacing your pills with this therapeutic strategy.

We will list a few signs that you should consider naturopathic treatment for lasting relief from your chronic health issue.

Sign #1: Symptoms Persist Despite Conventional Treatment


The CDC defines a chronic disease as a condition lasting for more than a year and requiring ongoing medical attention or limiting daily activities (or both). In many cases, conventional treatment may not alleviate the symptoms despite adherence. You can consider naturopathy when you experience persistent symptoms that stress you out because they do not seem to improve.

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A naturopath takes a comprehensive approach to identifying the root causes of disease with a study of factors such as stress, nutrition, and environmental influences. The approach combines traditional healing with current research and scientific advances to ensure effective and lasting relief. Your body balances, restores, and reboots itself to fight the disease.

Sign #2: You Seek Personalized Care

Naturopathy follows a personalized approach to patient care, digging deep into the specific needs of each patient and developing tailored treatment plans that address their conditions. Anyone suffering from a chronic condition will understand the pain of popping pills randomly to manage everyday symptoms instead of working on the underlying problem.

According to data, the naturopathic workforce is estimated to provide care to more than 5.5 million patients per month spanning over 108 countries. The approach is fast gaining traction in the US, with the maximum number of naturopaths in Tempe, AZ, Kenmore, WA, and Portland, OR. Finding a naturopathic doctor in Portland or one of these locations is just a matter of a few clicks.

Portland Clinic of Natural Health highlights the benefits of a patient-centered, holistic approach to healing. A tailored treatment plan recommended by a naturopath may include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, homeopathy, and dietary food intolerance testing.

Sign #3: You Want to Focus on Prevention

Research shows that naturopathy focuses on the prevention of disease through lifestyle modifications. For example, these practitioners educate patients about food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity while treating a condition like irritable bowel disease. The approach translates into a reduced burden of care on individual patients and healthcare systems.

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Naturopathic interventions often include preventive elements such as dietary modifications, exercise recommendations, stress management strategies, and other lifestyle changes. With these techniques, you adopt healthy habits in your daily life instead of only getting treatment for your symptoms. Besides treating the chronic condition, you set yourself up for a healthy life ahead.

Sign #4: You Are Worried About Side Effects of Medicines

If you are concerned about the potential side effects of medicines, you have a valid reason to consider naturopathy. Studies suggest that drug side effects are a leading cause of healthcare morbidity, leading to a loss of billions of dollars every year.

The medicines you trust to provide relief may actually do more harm than good. Even minor side effects can make you uncomfortable when dealing with a chronic condition.

Naturopathic treatments, such as nutritional interventions and herbal remedies, are safe with minimal side effects. They are also gentler than medicines, making them ideal for young patients and the elderly. Adopting this treatment can help you continue your ongoing battle with a chronic condition without worrying about the impact of long-term drug use.

The Bottom Line

Naturopathy stands out as a holistic, safe, and patient-centered approach to dealing with chronic health issues. Additionally, it enables you to keep further symptoms at bay with a preventive mindset. You should watch out for these signs, and see a naturopath if you experience one or more of them. Moving toward natural therapies is a wise decision as they may help you enjoy a better quality of life in the long run.

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