Can I Volunteer with Limited Mobility?

Can I Volunteer with Limited Mobility?

Volunteering is a powerful way to invest in local communities or impact the entire world. But, traditional volunteer work can often present a challenge if you have limited mobility. Fortunately, there are many unique and innovative opportunities in this digital era to contribute to a worthy cause—regardless of physical limitations. In other words, the short answer is: “Yes. You can volunteer with limited mobility.” Here’s how to get started.

Assemble Care Packages

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to brighten someone’s day with a gift—make care packages year-round for those in need. If you have a soft spot for animals, deliver a box of pet essentials to the local animal shelter. For those with a passion for military service, partner with Adopt-A-Soldier to mail them a token of gratitude. If you love kids, give a children’s hospital some fun new toys, books, games, and puzzles. Or if you find shopping enjoyable, order items online and assemble the care packages at home.

Tap into Online Advocacy

Being a voice for positive change is another essential and accessible form of volunteering. You can use blog outlets, social media networks, or other internet forums to advocate for local and international causes you care about. Storytelling is a powerful tool to share resources and information, evoke compassion, and mobilize action—so be creative with this advocacy work. Create videos, articles, podcasts, or webinars drawing attention to your chosen issue. When you boldly speak out, it makes the world a better place.

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Start or Join a Fundraiser

Fundraising is an excellent alternative if you can’t pitch in with more hands-on activities. Online crowdfunding platforms such as Givebutter or GoFundMe make it easy to create, launch, and promote a fundraiser campaign for any societal issue or charitable organization close to your heart. These websites even allow you to share the fundraiser via text, email, and social media to attract a larger audience. Not only can this initiative help raise money for a meaningful cause—but it will increase public awareness, too.

Become a Remote Mentor

Do you have a valuable area of expertise that you would love to share with others? Are you passionate about investing in the next generation? If so, consider volunteering as a remote mentor. Programs such as Learn to Be or Empower and Help will connect you with children of all ages who need virtual tutoring in educational and personal development skills. Each session is a rewarding opportunity to teach, encourage, inspire, and even make a difference in someone else’s future without leaving your house.

Help Virtual Organizations

No matter what kind of activism you’re interested in, there is a nonprofit organization that could use your skills to further its mission. The VolunteerMatch website will pair you with a wide range of charitable activities you can do remotely—in your zip code or across the globe. Do you care about environmental justice or climate disaster relief? Do you want to help someone through a mental health crisis? Do you have a passion for those who also deal with physical limitations? The opportunities are virtually endless.

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You Can Make a Difference with Limited Mobility

A person’s mobility issues should not restrict the desire to volunteer—and thanks to these remote volunteering outlets, it’s easier than ever to make a meaningful impact. Connect with others, raise funds, boost awareness, and harness your skills, passions, and creativity to help build a more inclusive, compassionate society. Best of all, you can accomplish this in the comfort of your home whenever your schedule permits.

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