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Could AI Be The Key To Better Healthcare In The Future?

Could AI Be The Key To Better Healthcare In The Future?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its sub-branches like machine learning, is steadily proving to be one of the greatest technological innovations of the 21st century, and in increasingly surprising and useful ways. Over the past decade it has swiftly become implemented over a vast number of 



One big question is how to identify whether your parent now needs assisted living, there are a few things that will let you know when they may need one. We will be listing vital tips that will enable know when your parent may need assisted 

What Is Tissue Support Matrix Cell Therapy?

What Is Tissue Support Matrix Cell Therapy?

Tissue support matrix cell therapy is nothing new; the procedure has existed for years. Medical practitioners utilize it to address various types of pain affecting muscles, joints, and tendons. Furthermore, the tissue support matrix cell therapy can be used for things such as fixing tendons after non-surgical procedures or slowing down osteoporosis.

The therapy is administered via injections. In most cases, they are made from amniotic sacs donated to manufacturers after birth. According to many experts, regenerative medicine is the future and will likely become a part of regular health procedures in the following years.

Here are some of the things you should know about the therapy and the injections that are used for it.

What should I know about regenerative medicine?

These procedures have become extremely popular in the last decade or so. They are a great way to circumvent invasive surgeries. After a regenerative treatment, a person should be able to return to a normal lifestyle with little to no consequences. Many specialists refer to these processes as stem cell therapies.

The emphasis of tissue support matrix cell therapy is on the alleviation of inflammation. What’s even better, the injections have the chance to improve the organism’s natural healing properties. They affect various cells within the body, enhancing their ability to repair damaged tissue.

At this moment, there is only one stem cell procedure that is allowed by the FDA, and that’s BMAC or bone marrow aspirate. The treatment utilizes the patient’s own cells by injecting them into a different part of the body that requires tending to.

What is the most common use of these injections?

The main potential behind these injections lies in their ability to affect cell regrowing. They have amazing anti-inflammatory properties on top of all the beneficial proteins. As such, their usefulness for regenerative procedures is enormous. Here are some of the most common ways medical professionals utilize them:

  • They can be great for repairing fascia, ligaments, tendons, and other parts of the body.
  • The injections can be utilized for joints affected by arthritis. By using them, you can create cushions between the bones, thus alleviating irritation and bone matter loss.
  • The treatment has shown great results in alleviating various types of pain, such as those associated with rotation cuff injuries, tendonitis, ACL tears, plantar fasciitis, foot, and ankle pain, wound care, and post-operative pain.

How do we get injectable fluid?

As mentioned, these injections are made by utilizing amniotic fluid. You can only get it from consenting mothers who agreed to donate the fluid to medical manufacturers. A team of professionals extracts the liquid after cesarean procedures. Otherwise, it would be discarded with other medical waste, but in this particular case, medical professionals can use this valuable fluid to help others.visit here

A similar type of connective cells is used during certain surgeries. Medical experts wrap the biological material around nerves as a way of boosting the regenerative properties of a patient. Besides healing, the connective tissue can be utilized to reduce post-operative scarring.

The most important thing that people need to understand is that embryos are not endangered during the extraction process. In fact, the cells are classified as allograft tissue, which is a type of tissue taken from donors and given to receivers for improving their medical condition.

Should I be worried about these injections?

Most people are reluctant to administer this kind of therapy. Besides having moral issues regarding the extraction, they might be scared of the long-term consequences that the treatment carries.

You will be glad to hear that the risks associated with using these injections are minimal. Before you can administer the treatment, a patient needs to take a blood sample. The most common risk doesn’t have to do with the substance but instead with the needless. There is always a chance of an adverse injection site reaction. You cannot use anesthetics during the therapy, so there is a chance of inflammation for a day or two after the procedure. Keep in mind that infections are very rare.

The potential risks are a bit higher for bone marrow patients. If you’re using the injection for hip injuries, there is a chance of irritating pelvic nerves, which can cause severe pain in the area for a few days.

Are you a suitable candidate for the treatment?

People who have issues with their ligaments, joints, and tendons are the optimal candidates for regenerative treatment. Keep in mind that the injections cannot restore cartilage cells. Cell therapy provides the best results when utilized during early stages of the disease.


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Does Cannabis Provide Migraine Relief?

Does Cannabis Provide Migraine Relief?

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Are Air Purifiers Good for You?: Here Are Some Pros and Cons

Are Air Purifiers Good for You?: Here Are Some Pros and Cons

Air is the most important gas considering its usefulness to all living things, human beings included. Although available all around us, it can contain pollutants such as aerosol (dust and pollen) and smoke. Are Air Purifiers Good?

These pollutants can be harmful to health and make allergic persons uncomfortable.

There have been various inventions to help rid of these pollutants environment, but considering the increase in population and industrial actions, there are more pollutants in the air around us than ever. One of the solutions invented so far is the air purifier which makes use of carbon filters, ionizers, or HEPA filters. Is it worth it? How can you choose the best HEPA air purifier? Below are the pros and cons to help you decide.

What are air purifiers and how do they work?

Simply put, an air purifier is a device that sanitizes the air in a room. Its components include a fan that sucks in air and filters that cleanse the sucked air. The filters in the air purifier trap the pollutants and other particles in the air after which purified air is circulated into the living space. It can remove pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from the air with almost 99% effectiveness.visit here


Prevents Pneumonia

Quality air prevents a lot of diseases. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), air pollution within households doubles the risk of childhood pneumonia. Air purifier helps to get rid of these pollutants with the help of its filters.

Reduces symptoms of asthma and allergens

Inflamed bronchial tubes are typical for asthmatic patients. Pollutants like pet dander and pollen make irritate the airways and thus result in difficulty breathing. They can also trigger adverse immune responses in the form of allergies. Although a thorough cleaning of the room may get rid of most pet dander, some may still be present on surfaces of furniture and therefore still pose a threat. Air purifiers can help reduce them and relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Reduces harmful chemicals

People living in areas with high vehicular movements are at risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Scientists have linked these chemicals to health conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The risk of exposure to these harmful gases is not completely eliminated for people living in areas with lower vehicle traffic. However, air purifiers with HEPA filters can significantly eliminate their presence in the circulating air in a living room.

Eliminates unpleasant odor

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene and gasoline may make a room uncomfortable. They are usually found in furniture and air fresheners. They could cause nausea. Air purifiers can reduce their presence in the air. Reduction of these compounds can improve productivity, according to a 2016 study.

Improves sleep and reduces airborne diseases

Removal of pollutants from the air in a room reduces the risk of being exposed to airborne diseases such as the flu. Aside from that, quality air can significantly improve the quality of sleep. Moreover, sleep is better enjoyed in the absence of sickness.


There are not many cons when it comes to the use of air purifiers as the pros are numerous.

  • The quality of air recirculated to the living room by air purifier is dependent on the filter used. For instance, HEPA filters are fantastic for trapping pollutants such as pollen. To effectively trap VOCs, an air purifier with a carbon filter may perform better.
  • The size of a room will determine the size of the air purifier to get and this might be quite expensive (but worth it, if within budget).
  • They require routine house cleaning for effective functioning.

How to improve air quality of a room in addition/without an air purifier

  • Clean floor coverings and fabric in a room at least once every week.
  • Avoid smoking inside the home.
  • Be deliberate about the kind of cleaning agents used at home. Nontoxic ones may be considered.
  • Use allergy-proof covers for pillows and mattress
  • Effective drainage around the house is important. Stagnant water should be tackled and removed.
  • Pets may be kept out of the bedroom, especially for people who are allergic to animal dander.

Things to consider when buying an air purifier

  • Budget

Air purifiers come in different sizes and designs. It is important to let one’s budget decide the best for the home. If the budget at hand cannot finance the need, it can always be delayed and attended to later.

  • Maintenance cost

Air purifiers require their filters changed from time to time for optimal performance. It is important to inquire about the cost of the maintenance and factor it in when deciding on which one to choose.

  • Noise

In the process of getting rid of air pollution in a room, noise pollution shouldn’t be allowed to thrive instead. The noise from an air purifier should be minimal and barely noticeable.


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The Power of Understanding the Role of Trauma in Mental Health Challenges

The Power of Understanding the Role of Trauma in Mental Health Challenges

It’s safe to say that how we view and treat mental health as a society has been a long journey, and one that we’re still very much on. People who suffer from mental health issues and Role of Trauma have often been shunned, stigmatized, ridiculed and sometimes even ignored, and these attitudes have done a lot of harm. The impact of conditions like depression, anxiety, and OCD are generally misunderstood, and this has to change. If we understand how mental health issues can manifest, we can get a lot better at providing the help that people desperately need.

One area of mental health that’s deeply neglected is trauma, which is tragic because trauma is truly at the heart of the mental health conditions mentioned above. What are some of the key things we have to understand about trauma and how it affects our lives? Here are a few key perspectives.

Changing Perspectives on Trauma

Trauma remains a heavily misunderstood aspect of the human experience, but its effects are felt by millions of people every single day. One of the most important mindset shifts we have to make is understanding that we have to expand what we categorize as trauma. While there are massive traumas like abuse, war or an accident – there are other experiences that can affect us too. It could be the rejection of a parent, the end of a relationship or even hurtful words of people in our lives. These things can take on a life of their own and become things people struggle with. If we gain a broader understanding of how role of trauma can impact us, we can help people get the help they need to heal.

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

Looking at addiction in isolation often leads to a deep underestimation of what people are going through, but when we start to understand that addiction is absolutely tied into traumatic experiences, we can help people heal from the underlying challenge they are facing. According to The Lakehouse Recovery Center, a Westlake village rehab center, “Some people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the emotions associated with a trauma. At the time of the trauma, it’s sometimes easier to block it out or suppress the memory than to deal with it. Over time, the trauma starts interfering with daily functioning.” When addicts are given the room to uncover, face and address the initial trauma, they can start leading healthier and happier lives.

Understanding Complex PTSD

A lot of strides have been made in understanding post-traumatic stress and how someone can continue to experience the immediate effects of a difficult event. As much as we understand more, we still have a long way to go, especially in the realm of complex PTSD. Healing from a traumatic event isn’t linear, and very often people who have managed to move forward following a challenging event still experience sporadic relivings of it. For example, many people will have emotional flashbacks that take them right back into the event. When we go through something catastrophic, our brains can protect us by blocking out some memories from that experience, but those memories can be triggered by familiar sights, sounds, smells and other stimuli. This is how trauma can keep manifesting and affect people for a long time after the event.

Solving Alienation

Many people who struggle with mental health also struggle with feeling alienated, and feeling like they are the only ones facing their challenges. This is partly because of how their challenges are misunderstood and often even stigmatized. There’s a fear of opening up because they think they will be rejected or ridiculed. This makes it hard for them to open up and unburden themselves, which is a critical piece of the healing process. As a society, we have to encourage people to discuss their traumatic experience, get the help they need through therapy, and show them that they aren’t facing their challenges all alone. This can help them not fall into self-destructive behaviors and give them the tools to heal.

Leading a healthy life isn’t just about our bodies, it’s also about our minds and our emotions. In a world where so many people are struggling with their mental health and with issues like role of trauma, this area of human life needs to be prioritized and understood on a deeper level. If we can, as a society, put an effort into this, we can truly change lives and also change the lives of their family and friends. Mental wellness shouldn’t be overlooked, neglected or ignored and any step we can take towards changing this will be a tremendous leap forward for our society.

Thinking About Your Health on Time May Save Your Life

Thinking About Your Health on Time May Save Your Life

How many times have you waited until the last possible moment before paying a doctor a visit, only to be criticized for not coming earlier? Did you spend too much time ignoring the symptoms and end up regretting it later? If you are familiar with