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4 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

4 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a health condition that many people suffer from, and a lot don’t even know it; it affects roughly one-third of adult Americans. The problem is, it is not an insignificant complaint, and it can lead to heart disease, stroke, and even 

3 Ways to Better Your Heart Health

3 Ways to Better Your Heart Health

Your heart works hard around the clock to ensure that you can not only remain healthy, but alive. Don’t you think it’s time you showed it a bit of TLC? The best way to care for your ticker is to do all you can to 

Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control with the Best Apps for Managing Hypertension

Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control with the Best Apps for Managing Hypertension

Don’t get stressed about your high blood pressure – get the upper hand instead! Gaining control of my hypertension has always been a struggle for me, so I decided to look into ways to chart, check, and keep my high blood pressure under control. I discovered a list of the best 10 apps for hypertension management, so I decided to check them out. 

As it turns out, pulmonary hypertension management apps really take the stress out of this condition! There are regular reminders to take medication and blood pressure readings, helpful diet suggestions, and more – all at the touch of a button. I’ve chosen my favorite three to include below so you will have an easier time finding the app that’s right for you.

Blood Pressure Monitor

If you want a way to easily document your blood pressure, Blood Pressure Monitor is a very simple and helpful app that lets you input your readings in just seconds. Underneath your readings, it also tells you what your next steps should be according to the condition of your blood pressure. For example, if you have high blood pressure or a low blood pressure, it will provide tips on how to lower blood pressure, how to raise it, or you may even be referred to a doctor.

If you want to bring your results to the doctor, just keep in mind that Blood Pressure Monitor does not have a direct print option. In order to print your records, you will need to email them to yourself first. However, you can always bring the app with you directly to share your info with the doctor and save trees at the same time!

iBP Blood Pressure

Need to keep up with your entire family’s blood pressure? iBP Blood Pressure is really helpful for tracking numerous people’s health. The information and statistics for each user are individually stored in customized profiles. Color-coded icons and readable graphs make it easy to see if you have normal blood pressure or if you suffer from hypertension. Need to share information with your physician? Send an e-mail via the app with your health reports. Not to mention, a smart backup feature makes sure you won’t lose any information.

As we all know, entering data manually can become really tedious, especially if you take blood pressure measurements multiple times a day. What’s nice is that iBP Blood Pressure is compatible with both Withings Blood Pressure Monitor & Wireless Scale. Measurements taken with these monitors can be synchronized directly with the app, so you won’t have to do any more manual data entry!


I’ve really enjoyed my experience with SmartBP because blood pressure measurements are automatically registered in the app via your blood pressure monitor! Don’t have a monitor that’s compatible with the app? You can add the data yourself with a large numerical keypad that makes it incredibly easy. Not to mention, you can also add notes and customized tags to keep track of different factors that may be influencing your blood pressure. Color-coded data is easily identifiable, so you can quickly see when values exceed high or low blood pressure limits.

Unfortunately, if you need to keep track of blood pressure for multiple people, there isn’t an option to create multiple profiles. If you need to keep all your family’s information in one place, use iBP Blood Pressure instead! On the plus side, all of SmartBP’s features are available for free. Just know that this means you will probably see an occasional ad. But, in my opinion, that’s a small price to pay for an app that will help you stay on top of your blood pressure.


Sometimes in our busy lifestyles, it’s hard to remember that our health is very important. Keeping track of your blood pressure is one step closer to being healthier! From all the apps I have tried, these three are the best for getting access to your blood pressure and health history, so you can make better life choices. If you want to look into even more great apps, check out the link below to access the AppGrooves top 10 list that I used for my research; it’s a great resource I can safely recommend.

Best 10 Apps for Hypertension Management

Finally, please note the apps don’t measure your blood pressure, they are here to help with tracking so you have a better insight that can help both you and your doctor. I don’t suggest using the apps to bring subjective judgments and make actions. Instead, be careful, safe and always talk to your doctor about possible problems. Good luck.