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Cannabis Consumption for Wellness

Cannabis Consumption for Wellness

Cannabis has entered the spotlight as a beneficial tool used by many to alleviate symptoms of disease, help with sleep issues, and aid in mitigating the side effects of commonly prescribed medications. With several states legalizing its use for adults along with the institution of 

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD is one of the many compounds which are known as cannabinoids. There are various medical uses for CBD that can help patients of anxiety, cancer, general chronic pain, etc. However, CBD isn’t strictly marijuana or cannabis as you know it. It’s a concentrated liquid 

Best Uses for Medical Marijuana

Best Uses for Medical Marijuana

Humans have been using the cannabis plant for its medicinal use for generations, but the United States seems to only now be getting the memo. In recent years, using CBD and THC for their medicinal properties have become increasingly popular in America, and for good reason!

Side Effects of Chemo and Cancer

While the world waits for amazing researchers like Dr. Harry Stylli to make advances in cancer research, smoking medical marijuana can ease some of the harsher side effects of the disease. THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that makes a person feel high, but it also has positive medical benefits when used for cancer patients. Paired with CBD, the other active chemical, marijuana can help cancer patients by:

  • Alleviating vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy and from cancer itself.
  • Help patients eat by stimulating their appetite (“the munchies” being put to good use).
  • Reduce pain and ease discomfort overall.


Working with the brain to block receptors that send pain to the body, THC, and CBD can work together as a pain reliever. Research in the United States is still underway, but other countries’ studies are coming up with positive results; for example, of 1,200 cancer patients in Israel, marijuana gave pain relief to more than half of those after six months of use. Other kinds of pain that it can benefit include:

  • Arthritis
  • Migraine headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Back pain and inflammation

Antidepressant and Anti-Anxiety

Statistics show that 6.8 million American adults live with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), while 322 million people around the globe suffer from depression. Unfortunately, there is a scant amount of clinical research on how effective marijuana is as an antidepressant/anti-anxiety medicine. The good news is that anecdotal testimonies show that it does seem to help people who suffer.

Kinds of Strains

Growers have made hybrids and various strains as time has gone on, but there are two kinds of marijuana. It’s worth knowing the difference between the two, if for no other reason than to be educated on what you are putting into your body.

  • Sativa is known for giving users a “head high,” which can result in an energy boost. Sativa leaves are narrow with a tall stalk.
  • Indica acts as a sedative, relaxing the body and mind and putting the user at ease. Indica leaves are thicker and stockier than their sativa sisters.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, so it would be wrong to assume that every sativa will energize and every indica will tranquilize. Knowing the grower and where the plants are harvested can help clarify questions or concerns about a particular strain.

Side Effects

Like any new medicine, each person’s body will react differently. When using cannabis to treat pain, remember that results vary and what works for one person might not work for another. Side effects of marijuana are minimal and relatively harmless, but they do exist. The most common side effects of medical marijuana are:

  • Sleepiness or drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Increased appetite/hunger
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness

With so many benefits and little to no side effects to speak of, cannabis is a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Could This Be True? 10 Benefits of Using Marijuana

Could This Be True? 10 Benefits of Using Marijuana

Even though the medical benefits of cannabis are being studied and validated, on a daily basis, few people know how useful this wonder plant really is for our bodies. The most common side-effects like short-term memory loss and sleepiness were exaggerated over the last century. 

How to Always Get the Best Quality Marijuana from a Dispensary

How to Always Get the Best Quality Marijuana from a Dispensary

Buying cannabis from a dispensary is not any different from a regular visit to your local grocery store. A well-supplied shop should have a plethora of choice and it is in your best interest, as a customer, to always get the finest product on the 

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana

Marijuana users will insistently tell you how it is not harmful to your health. ‘It is a plant’, they would say and seeing as it is a naturally occurring product that does not need any ‘industrial processing’ like cocaine, Marijuana is by far one of the safest herbs on this planet.

While it might be true that Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant and that its use is increasingly becoming legal abusing it is still harmful to your health. Combining it with Morphine to form what most users call a ‘super-painkiller’ is a bad idea by any stretch of the imagination.

Is Morphine and Marijuana Use Dangerous?

The truth is that on their own and when used in moderation, Marijuana and Morphine are actually helpful. Marijuana is prescribed for those who suffer chronic pains just like Morphine is used in hospitals to ease extreme pains in patients.

The problem is that both of these substances can be termed as ‘gateway drugs’!

Why Marijuana Use is Dangerous

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana homeless

As harmless as Marijuana use might seem to some people, it is no secret that most drug abusers tend to scale up their drug use through seemingly harmless habits such as drinking and smoking weed.

Some people who start smoking Marijuana may have no intentions of ever using anything else but as their systems start adapting to the Marijuana use, they start to crave stronger painkillers or solutions to whatever problem they might have been trying to placate using weed.

Furthermore, just because Marijuana is a naturally occurring ‘weed’ does not mean that it has no potentially harmful side effects.

Side Effects of Marijuana Use

Some potentially harmful side effects of Marijuana use include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased risk of driving under the influence of drugs
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Reduced appreciation of consequences stemming from your actions when under the influence of Marijuana

Like every other drug or substance with drug-like effects, continued use of Marijuana lowers your inhibitions. It changes how your mind works and slowly erodes your self-control so far as using the substance is involved. You will find yourself using more and more of it more often as time goes. This in turn compounds the negative effects it has in your life.

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana rolled up

The Effects of Combining Morphine and Marijuana

The very first thing you need to understand is that Morphine, unlike Marijuana, is a purely depressant drug. Marijuana on the other hand has both depressant and stimulant properties. Combining the two is never really a good idea as the Marijuana can greatly enhance the depressive effects of Morphine in your system. This combination may lead to a series of unfortunate side effects including:

  • Hallucinations
  • Blurred vision
  • Mental confusion
  • Chills
  • Intense euphoric sensations
  • Fatigue

While some of those side effects such as ‘intense euphoric sensations’ may sound like a ‘good ride’, it is coming down from that high that causes a major problem in most addicts. Once that intense euphoric sensation ebbs away, you will be left in a more depressed state that could lead to an intensified bout of suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana

Additionally, because combining Marijuana and Morphine creates conflict within your system (creating both stimulated and depressed sensations) this push and pull tends to stress your mind as well as body. The ensuing fatigue, confused mental state and intense euphoria may lead to an overdose as well as other medical emergencies as the user tries to find a central point of calmness.

The Dangers of Overdosing on Both Marijuana and Morphine

The World Health Organization says that people who combine opioids of any manner are at a higher risk of opioid overdose. It adds that the situation is worse when those people also suffer from co-occurring depression or any other mental health issues, which is almost always the case with heavy weed smokers.

What Can You Do About It?

The best course of action is to refrain from combining Marijuana and Morphine in the first place. However, once you have already started and are addicted, or on your way to getting addicted to this combination, the best thing to do is to check yourself into a professional facility that is fully staffed with experts who know a thing or two about substance abuse, addictions and how to deal with them.

Recovery Centers of America has the right kind of setting and professional staff to help recovering substance abuse addicts to deal with their drug abuse problem. Although it takes commitment and a willingness to kick the habit for these programs to work, being surrounded by professionals who are committed to getting you on the right track and making sure that you stay on that track is a great way to start.

No one is saying this journey is going to be easy but all things considered, you are better off getting started today than waiting until you cause irreversible harm to either yourself or your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help that you need. Only through professional help can you kick this harmful and potentially very dangerous habit. No one can do it alone. Let us help you.