Tops Reasons to Consider PRP Hair Restoration

Tops Reasons to Consider PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss and balding are mainly seen in men, but it is a common problem across all genders. The main risk factors are poor nutrition, advancing age, stress, hormonal changes, genetics, and the use of certain medicines. If you notice hair thinning or loss, Platelet rich plasma (PRP) hair treatment Santa Monica can help restore thicker and fuller hair. PRP hair treatment uses white blood cells and platelets rich in growth factors. The growth factors stimulate cell regeneration and promote healthy hair regrowth. PRP hair restoration treatment can help restore your youthful looks and improve your confidence. Among the reasons to seek PRP hair restoration are:

Safe procedure

The specialists take some of your blood to make the PRP during the treatment. The process does not involve the addition of foreign material. This makes the procedure safer since there is no room for adverse allergic reactions. The success rate is also higher since your body can’t reject the PRP. This means the highly concentrated PRP will work as intended, helping repair damaged hair follicles and improve cell regeneration in areas where hair loss is experienced. PRP facilitates repair and reawakens the non-functioning hair follicles, stimulating the hair growth cycle, meaning you will have new strands popping from the shafts. The natural approach, leveraging your body’s healing abilities, makes PRP a much safer hair restoration option.


PRP hair restoration will not significantly interfere with your schedule. It requires little time for preparation, and the procedure can be performed in the specialist’s office within minutes. A needle is used to withdraw blood, and then after the platelets and white blood cells are separated from the blood, they are injected into the targeted area. After the treatment, you won’t need to take some time off for recovery. The fast process makes it convenient for anyone, regardless of their schedules.

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Customizable restoration

The cause of hair thinning and loss varies from one person to the next as age, and hereditary tendencies, among other factors, are considered. PRP is flexible and can be customized to match your situation and goals. The concentration and amount of PRP used can be designed depending on your needs, the extent of the hair loss, and scalp health. Such customizations help achieve the desired hair restoration, which you may not realize with other alternatives.

Non-invasive hair restoration

You have tried options like mediation but have yet to realize notable hair restoration. You now could be considering the hair transplant procedure. The risks and complications of such invasive hair restoration, including scarring, can be discouraging. PRP is a non-invasive alternative that eliminates such concerns. Virtually anyone is a good candidate since the restoration uses your blood components which can’t cause side effects or serious concerns. With no incisions, you won’t have to worry about bleeding, infections, or scarring, among other concerns, making PRP hair restoration an ideal option.

PRP hair restoration delivers a more natural impact. Since the body self-repairs to promote hair regrowth, you won’t have to worry about concerns like hair color and texture that don’t match. Natural regrowth also translates to longer-lasting results. Call Self Care LA today for more on PRP hair treatment.

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