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Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

When it comes to keeping your lawn looking its best, you want to make sure you are using the right services. Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have a lot of different options when it comes to lawn care. Let’s discuss the most common lawn 

5 Reasons You May Need Surgical Orthodontics

5 Reasons You May Need Surgical Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign can help correct bite disorders and a misaligned jaw. However, those orthodontic devices may also cause the movement of your teeth, worsening your jaw alignment and bite. Your orthodontist may recommend surgical orthodontics Cedar Park. Also called jaw 

4 Things That May Surprise You About Pregnancy

4 Things That May Surprise You About Pregnancy

You should ensure a healthy pregnancy to protect yourself and your baby’s health. Therefore, you should visit your health provider as recommended before, during, and after pregnancy Garden City. Your doctor may advise you to exercise regularly, eat nutritious food, limit caffeine intake, avoid alcohol, stay hydrated, get quality sleep, take prenatal vitamins, and avoid exposure to toxic chemicals.

For instance, diet and pregnancy experts recommend eating fresh vegetables and fruits regularly. Eat lean meat and vegetables that are rich sources of proteins, like beans, utensils, and plant-based fats, including nuts and avocados.

Also, consume whole grains and milk products such as yogurt and cheese. You will also need to stay hydrated because water is essential for creating amniotic fluid, blood, and new tissues, carrying nutrients, enhancing digestion, and removing waste products from the body.

Even with a lot of information about pregnancy available, especially online, below are a few things you may still find surprising.

1. Development of the nesting instinct

The nesting instinct is an urge to prepare your home to be welcoming and comfortable for your baby’s arrival. The desire becomes much stronger during the last few weeks before delivery. Therefore, you may find yourself arranging your baby’s clothes in a drawer, deep cleaning the whole house, painting the house, or organizing closets and cabinets.

Although nesting is not harmful, ensure you observe a few precautions. For instance, do not carry heavy objects and climb ladders, and avoid exposure to cleaning chemicals. And even if you strive to prepare the home, have enough rest to preserve energy for giving birth and caring for the baby.

2. Increased risk of a fall

When you are pregnant, your body creates more and releases various hormones, including the hormone relaxin. Hormone relaxin comes from the ovary and placenta and is essential for loosening and relaxing your joints, muscles, and ligaments to make your body more flexible. Relaxin helps your body prepare for birth by relaxing the muscles in your pelvis.

However, muscle relaxation and body stretching put you at risk of an injury due to a fall or slip. You risk straining the joints in your knees, lower back, and pelvis.

If you are doing an exercise or lifting an object, proceed slowly and avoid making unexpected, quick movements of muscles.

3. Varicose veins

The condition, characterized by twisted and enlarged veins, often affects veins in your legs and may result from pregnancy. That happens because the blood volume increases by over 20% during pregnancy, and because veins do not become more, your vascular system has to work extra hard. There is more pressure on your veins.

You may also be at high risk of swollen veins in your lower rectum and anus.

Most of the time, your varicose veins caused by pregnancy will disappear within a few months after delivery.

4. Change in nails and hair

You will notice changes in the growth and texture of your hair and nails during pregnancy. Your hair and nails may grow faster and stronger.

After giving birth, the splitting of nails and falling out of hair may occur easily. You may even suffer hair loss.

Contact Women’s Healthcare of Garden City today to schedule an appointment and learn more about pregnancy.

How to Deal With Leg Swelling

How to Deal With Leg Swelling

Leg swelling that does not result from trauma might look like a minor issue but could show underlying cardiovascular issues. Port Saint Lucie leg swelling may result from fluid build-up in the leg due to venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency leads to the inefficiency of the 

6 Reasons to Seek Medical Attention for Your Skin Rash

6 Reasons to Seek Medical Attention for Your Skin Rash

A rash is an irritated, inflamed, or swollen part of the skin that often causes itching and pain, especially when scratched or pricked. Depending on your skin tone, it can appear red, purple, white, or gray. You might develop skin rashes due to various factors 

Care Tips That You Should Observe for Your Feet if You Have Diabetes

Care Tips That You Should Observe for Your Feet if You Have Diabetes

Many people underrate their feet when observing the necessary measures to maintain overall health. This instance exposes their lower body parts to unbearable complications such as bunions which hinder them from doing what they love. The situation is even worse for individuals living with diabetes. Notably, diabetic conditions trigger damage to the nerves, which usually lower sensation making you prone to soreness, especially if you do not exercise good care for your feet. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you should embrace the following diabetic foot care Phoenix tips to stay in tune with your foot health.

Clean Your Feet

Cleaning your feet does wonders for your feet’ wellness. Wash your feet with clean water and mild soaps daily. After washing your feet, you should use a clean towel to dry the lower extremities. Keeping your feet clean helps to reduce the chances of fungal infection, which could worsen your blister conditions.

Examine Your Feet Regularly

Individuals living with diabetes are at greater risk of developing soreness in their feet without a sensation. Therefore, checking your feet more often for the redness and small cuts is recommended. Apply the magnifying hand mirror to see the lower parts of your feet. Once you notice any issue, no matter how minor it could be, you should contact your foot doctor.

Trim Your Nails Correctly

Overgrown nails are breeding places for fungal infections and bacteria, which exacerbate foot complications. In addition, long nails can hurt your feet’ skin, increasing the chance of soreness when you rub your feet against each other. Fortunately, through regular nail trimming, you can reduce these foot problems. However, it is worth noting that extremely short nails could cause ingrown toenails. Trim your nails straight and file them to reduce their roughness after the cut.

Wear Proper-Fitting Shoes

While purchasing your shoes, do not pay much attention to the fashion and forget the comfort of the shoes. Buy shoes with ample room for your feet to avoid irritation and blistering. Your shoes should also support your ankles to boost your stability while walking. If you participate in sporting activities, you should talk to your coach about the correct shoes you should wear while playing.

Use Moisturizers

Your feet are vulnerable to dryness due to wear and tear, especially during the hot seasons. The dry skin is more vulnerable to cracking, which is more dominant in feet soles. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize your feet after a long day. Avoid applying lotions between the toes since they can increase the vulnerability to fungal infection. After moisturizing your feet during bedtime, it is commendable to wear dry socks to ensure that the bedding does not wipe off the moisturizing products.

Many people with diabetes have reported foot complications. Notably, high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels, which undermines the nervous system’s wellness. With damaged nerves, individuals are prone to get hurt without knowing, thus increasing blistering and soreness in their feet. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you should embrace the above care tips to keep your feet in good condition.

6 Reasons to See an Orthopedic Joint Specialist

6 Reasons to See an Orthopedic Joint Specialist

Sometimes you may experience unusual pain beyond what your family doctor can diagnose and treat. Visiting an orthopedic doctor is recommended if the symptoms involve strange sensations in your muscles, joints, and bones. An orthopedic joint specialist Chevy Chase is an expert in the well-being 

5 Advantages of VenaSeal Vein Treatment

5 Advantages of VenaSeal Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are no fun. However, as we age, many of us start to develop those black, noticeable lines that show blood is not returning to the heart as it should be but is instead accumulating in our legs or around our ankles. While varicose 

Suboxone Treatment Top Benefits

Suboxone Treatment Top Benefits

Heroin, prescription pain medications (opioids), methadone, and other drugs and substances addiction is a huge worldwide problem. Although methadone is regularly used as a medical alternative to treat opiate addiction, it has its risks. Suboxone is more viable for people struggling with addiction. Suboxone treatment Chamblee programs are usually combined with therapy followed by aftercare support. Suboxone’s popularity has grown due to its availability and ease of use. Some top benefits of using the suboxone addiction treatment are.

Low abuse risk

When an opiate-addicted person seeks help, it is unlikely they want to substitute their addiction for another. Suboxone treatments contain naloxone, which is used to reverse opioid overdoses. Suboxone medication is used because it fills the brain’s opioid receptors without creating the high that addicts receive when they take opiate drugs. Naloxone doesn’t dissolve. As such, its addition makes it hard for the users to dissolve and inject the medication. Withdrawal symptoms occur quickly if a user injects suboxone. Hence, most opiate abusers are most likely to take the drug orally, which is recommended when fighting addiction.

Accessibility and privacy

Daily visits to a clinic for treatment can be difficult for some addicts. If this is the case, suboxone treatment allows you to continue your daily responsibilities while undergoing an effective treatment plan. You will not need to visit a clinic or go for residential treatment. This means you continue your work and maintain family life without interference, making your therapy private.

High Success rate

Suboxone treatment is FDA-approved and helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It has a high success rate in treating addiction. People on suboxone treatment find it easy to stay in the program because the drug doesn’t get them high, and it discourages misuse. Because the medication is a partial opioid agonist, the prescription still fills the opioid receptors in the brain. Still, it does not produce the same euphoria as opiates. A gradual reduction of suboxone dosage is key to achieving a drug-free milestone.


Suboxone treatment is less expensive and doesn’t require daily visits to a facility. Suboxone is also covered by most insurance providers, thus making it more affordable. Because suboxone treatment is more effective, it is well worth it to most addicts who wish and want to turn a new leaf in their lives.

Reduce addiction relapse risk

The primary goal of addiction recovery is to get clean. A replacement drug allows your doctor to control the quantity of medication you receive each day. Over time doctors can progressively lower the amount of medicine. As a result, an addict can adapt to receiving fewer opiates every day. This reduces the risk of getting back to drugs. The strategy is helpful as it makes withdrawal symptoms less intense. Most patients find this treatment method quite effective.

Drug and substance addiction is a menace that breaks families and causes financial mayhem, among other concerns. Overcoming addiction can be overwhelming, but you can turn to medications and start the journey to conquer the vice. Contact Lenox Medical Clinic to learn more about suboxone treatment and how it can help beat addiction.

Ways to Care for Yourself and Baby during Pregnancy

Ways to Care for Yourself and Baby during Pregnancy

Have you seen a woman who just gave birth after longing to hold a baby in her arms? The smile on her face is priceless, and she is filled with unexplainable joy. A baby adds more joy and value to one’s life. Are you pregnant