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What are the best supplements for joint pain? Our top picks.

What are the best supplements for joint pain? Our top picks.

Joint issues are extremely common, many of us deal with them daily. There are many different causes of joint problems. Causes of Joint Pain The most common causes of joint pain are: Ageing Inflammation Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Other chronic illness These issues affect the joints 



Compression clothing promotes blood circulation and supports muscle regeneration. In addition, the compression effect helps for faster removal of waste products from the muscles. Acidification is delayed during activity, while compression clothing promotes muscle regeneration when at rest. The most famous compression clothing is probably 

Office trends for this spring

Office trends for this spring

When spring has sprung, everyone starts to itch. Even the most serious people in the office secretly suffer from spring fever. Everyone loves it when the season turns and everything starts to bloom again. People get more energy, inspiration, motivation and creativity again. Spring is a great season. So why not bring some spring in the office? You can read how you can do this in this blog.

1. Bring spring colors into the interior

This spring the trend colors are: sand, beige and pastel shades. The characteristics of these colors are soft, light and soothing. So great for the office. Even if dark colors are often used in your office, or there is a lack of daylight: with these light colors you still get a little bit of sun in the office.

Do you dare to take a more daring approach? Bright colors are also perfect for giving the office interior a cheerful boost. Think of the typical spring colors yellow and green. Another color that goes well with spring is gold. This color is beautiful for accessories and provides a lively look. Gold is very beautiful in combination with light colors such as light pink.

How to incorporate these colors into your office without making it look like a funfair? It’s very simple: with subtle accessories. Think of the pots of plants or vases for the flowers. A nice pouf in a bright color is also very nice or a cheerful hammock closet in green, yellow or another bright color. If you want to take it one step further, you can also opt for a unique sofa or armchair in great bright colours.

2. Greenery and Spring Flowers

The positive effect of plants and flowers in the office is undeniable. Good for mood, concentration and atmosphere. Spring is an excellent time to give the greenery in the office a big boost. The plants really don’t have to be in boring pots. Make use of color such as one of the spring colors we have mentioned above. This gives a playful and cheerful atmosphere that fits perfectly with the spring troubles. You can also send letterbox gifts to your colleagues from the website of Bloompost.

Flowers that are a wonderful sign of the beginning of spring are tulips and daffodils. Since these can be bought for next to nothing at most supermarkets and florists, you can easily take a small bunch with you for your desk or for the reception desk.

3. Spring Office Accessories

As stated before, accessories can be used to bring quality into the office interior. This spring, colored glass is being used a lot for vases, for example. Think of the colors green, pink or blue. Here you can insert a flower or a green leaf.

Are you looking for accessories with a very long lifespan? Then choose a bell jar. We still see this a lot. A bell jar becomes a nice spring accessory if you fill it with shells, large feathers or cacti.

4. Natural materials

Color can be brought into the office interior by means of accessories, the rest of the office furniture can be kept calm. The residential trend of 2018 is mainly focused on natural materials. Think of wooden cupboards such as a wooden compartment cupboard, revolving door cupboard or sliding door cupboard. Wooden desks and conference tables are also very hip. Wood is and remains popular and timeless. That is not without reason, because wood gives the office more atmosphere and at the same time more peace and warmth. Wood is actually indispensable in the office.

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5 Oral Health Mistakes You Had No Idea Were Harmful

5 Oral Health Mistakes You Had No Idea Were Harmful

Oral health is an issue that many people take for granted. It’s not until they get to the dentist and find out about all of their cavities or gum disease does it become clear just how important proper dental care is. The good news is 

Top tips on cleaning your hot tub

Top tips on cleaning your hot tub

You love your hot tub. It’s an awesome place where you can unwind and relax after a hard day of work or have some fun with friends. But they can get dirty quickly. So if you want to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition, 

Choose the Right Henna Color for Perfect Brows

Choose the Right Henna Color for Perfect Brows

Eyebrow tinting is a buzzword in the beauty industry. With the increasing need for better looks, many beauty treatments have since come up. A perfect example is brow henna coloring. It transforms your facial look, and for the better. However, there are multiple henna shades, and not all work for you. It’s then critical to choose the right henna color.

What are the common henna shades available?

There are multiple henna shades available, and these cater to the different skin tones and brow hair types. The most popular shades are;

  • Blonde

Blonde is a perfect choice for light skin tones and hair colors. There’s no lighter shade of blonde, so your timing matters. For instance, if you desire a light eyebrow tint, you only need to leave the dye for a short time.

  • Light brown

Light brown is a perfect pick for blondes and brunettes. It’s a good mix of dark browns and is ideal for blondes with ashy-colored brows.

  • Auburn

Auburn is ideal for people with red hair, and you can combine it with blonde to create a warmer color. It’ll leave a warm-brown shade on your eyebrows and is perfect for anyone who fancies warmer tones.

  • Black

Black is the most intense shade and is suitable for dark skin tones and hair. You can mix it with other shades or use it on its own for perfect indigo black brows.

Here’s what to consider when choosing henna brow color:

  1. Hair volume

The concept of bow tinting involves drying the hair and the skin. But, you need enough hair follicles to fill in the space and avoid patchy spots. If you have more brow hairs, the results will be intense, and your brows will turn out darker. But, if you have few eyebrow hairs, the henna will be lighter.

  1. Hair structure

The henna eyebrow dye will soak quickly if you have stiff eyebrow hair, and you’ll likely have darker brows. And this is why people with thick brow hair require minimal henna processing time. Similarly, fine eyebrow hairs and most ideal for henna treatment. You can easily create fuller eyebrows with such hair. Moreover, if you have porous eyebrows, they will quickly absorb more dye and appear very dark even with small color amounts.

  1. Skin type

Your type of skin will significantly impact the final result. For instance, oily skin is a poor absorber and won’t absorb the dye into your skin excellently. It’s also likely to fade off quickly. With this type of skin, the dye might tint your brow hairs perfectly, but the skin stains may not look fabulous.

On the other hand, dry skin abdomens dye very well and will offer excellent results. However, avoid self-tans or essential oils before the henna treatment. This can result in oily skin, which can affect the staining.

  1. Skin tone

Your natural hair color and skin tone matters. If you have light skin, avoid dark henna by all means. The color will appear too dark and will look unnatural. Similarly, lighter henna colors won’t have any effect on dark-skinned people.

In summary, there are multiple aspects to consider when choosing the shade of henna brow dye. Discuss this with the henna specialist and pick one to match your skin, tone, and type of eyebrow hair.

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How does the art hanging system add beauty to real estate images?

How does the art hanging system add beauty to real estate images?

Just like other types of photography, taking real estate images requires creativity. It is a niche that needs mastery, focus, and art appreciation. Let’s see how does the art hanging system add beauty to real estate images. For one, you do not always capture photos 

3 Reasons to Check Out Banff National Park

3 Reasons to Check Out Banff National Park

The number of eye-popping views and natural treasures dotting the Canadian landscape may as well be infinite. Still, some natural treasures are more treasured than others. If you can only visit one attraction in the country this year, here are three reasons you should check 

The Advantages of Choosing a Central Air Conditioning System for Your Home

The Advantages of Choosing a Central Air Conditioning System for Your Home

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to furnishing a new house. You have to think of the space you need to fill, the needs of your family, your overall budget, and many more. One of the most important home installations you must prioritize is your air conditioning system. If you live in a warm climate, having a quality AC system will keep your indoors cool, comfortable, and safe all year round. Today, many people opt to install a central air conditioning system in their homes. And here’s why:

Adds value to your home

If you are looking to add value to your home, consider installing a new air conditioner. Industry experts say that a new AC installation can provide you with an ROI of 35 to 50 percent. Compared to other types of air conditioning systems, a central air conditioner can bring a bigger ROI or return on investment. Real estate surveys also show that homes with a central AC system sold faster and for more money than those homes without.

Provides better indoor air

Today’s new central air conditioners have an advanced filtration system, unlike old AC models. And since it covers your entire home, you rest assured that you’re breathing clean, healthy hair wherever you go. However, it is very important to remember the regular cleaning needs of your air filters and ducts. Cleaning and changing your air filters are AC maintenance jobs you can do on your own. Meanwhile, air duct cleaning is a complex job that should be left to the pros.

Boasts quieter operation

One of the primary reasons why most homeowners opt for a central air conditioning system is because they are quiet and convenient to operate. With the compressor located outside the house, you won’t hear the noise your AC makes when turned on. On the other hand, indoor noise level can be higher when operating a window air conditioner or free-standing unit.

Runs more efficiently

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, installing a newer, more efficient AC model will help you save 20 percent to 40 percent on cooling costs. Save energy and money at home by investing in a central air conditioning system. Most central air conditioners have a SEER rating of 13 and higher.

Helps maintain your home’s aesthetic appeal

Installing air conditioning units on interior walls or windows can sometimes break your home design. That is not a problem to worry about when opting for a central AC system. Central air uses ducts concealed in walls and ceilings to distribute cool air to different areas inside the home. That provides you more space for your home decorations and other fittings.

Invest in a professional AC installation today!

Are you planning to install a central air conditioning system in your home? Get quality consultations and estimates when you talk to your trusted local professionals today. You can get the most benefits from a new AC installation by partnering with a reputable HVAC company. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the pros now!

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The top benefits of Massage Therapy

The top benefits of Massage Therapy

The massage was traditionally seen to be a privilege, reserved for those who could afford it at a spa or a fitness club. Massage therapy is increasingly regarded as a more popular therapy, and doctors and other medical experts frequently suggest it. Massage is regarded