How Technology is Damaging Your Posture

How Technology is Damaging Your Posture

Technology is responsible for many aches and pains that we face, and this is because when we use it, we are not in a natural position. There are ways and means around this and this includes sitting in an ergonomically designed desk space and not spending too long on our cell phones. Although modern technology can be a good thing, this should be used in moderation and used responsibly if you want to limit the amount of damage that it is having on your posture.

Why Having Good Posture is Vital

Good posture is essential to limiting the amount of back pain, shoulder or neck aches that we face through straining ourselves in everyday life. This is even more important if you work in an office where you are sat on a computer for hours each day. Good posture can minimize the wear and tear of the joints and ensures that you are comfortable each day. The better your posture, the better your balance and the less energy you require for normal everyday tasks.

How Technology is Affecting Posture

When we consider how we sit when using technology, we can easily see how it is affecting our posture and the damage we are slowly causing to our bodies. If you have ever sat too long playing a computer game or slumped over your mobile, you know how sore and stiff you can get. When we sit in the same position for hours, our muscles and ligaments become strained and begin to release impulses to our brain to change our overall posture. Ignoring these aches and pains will only worsen the situation, so at the first sign of pain, consider stopping the activity.

Mobile Phone Use

Our smartphones are causing many problems, not just to our backs. Everywhere you look, people are staring at their screens. If you take a good look around at how people are sitting, it is not a natural position. In fact, we are often bent, slumped, and causing more wear and tear to our muscles than we could possibly know. Holding your cell phone in the same hand each day can lead to wrist and finger joint issues too. Each time you decide to lean your head 2 cm forward to look down at your screen, you are adding an extra 5 kgs of strain to the spinal joints. Imagine doing this repetitively every day and you can see how severe damage can occur.

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Strain Injuries

These types of injuries occur when we repeatedly strain ourselves whilst using technology. Often this is seen when people are playing computer games and spend a lot of time tensing with a remote in hand. Many gamers experience pain in the thumbs or wrists after too much gaming and this is a sign to cut back. Too much texting can cause similar pain in the hands. Tech neck is another term used by professionals for those who have strain injuries to the neck due to too much cell phone time. To learn more about tech neck and how to prevent it, follow the link.

Accidents Due to Technology

Technology isn’t just responsible for damaging our posture through repeated use; it can also damage our posture through accidents. As we all become more glued to our screens, emergency departments are seeing more and more injuries because of mobile phones. Being mindful of your environment at all times is crucial and, therefore, that text can wait! People have damaged their spine, broken bones, and torn ligaments due to walking with phones in their hands and consequently walking into other people or poles. Car accidents can also occur due to people taking their eyes off the road to look at their cell phones, and this can have a significant impact on your posture and spine, or even worse, could be life-threatening.

Preventing Damage to Posture

For some, using technology is part of their everyday routine or part of their jobs and, therefore, it cannot be avoided. Although we should make a conscious effort to use our technological devices less, when it cannot be helped there are ways to prevent posture damage and any aches and pains that come with overusing technology. Below are some of the easiest ways to reduce the stress that is put on the body when using cell phones, computers or playing computer games.

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Taking Regular Breaks

One of the most important ways to protect your posture is to take regular breaks, as and when you feel you need to. Whether you are playing a game, sitting on your cell phone or at your desk at work, it is good to make a move every 30 minutes or so. This could mean standing up and stretching, going for a drink, changing positions and checking your position. You should be sitting correctly when at a desk to minimize bad posture and pain.

Having the Correct Setup

When using your smartphone, as well as limiting the time spent on it, the way you hold it can have a lot to do with how badly your posture is affected. If you have your device at the level of your eyes, you will prevent tech neck and other straining related injuries. When playing computer games, there are many gaming chairs that are specially made to ensure that you can play your games in comfort whilst protecting your posture and spine. If you work in an office, you should be supplied with everything you need to protect your posture, including a desk chair that can be changed according to your height, a computer screen that can be moved to eye level and somewhere to rest your feet. For more information on how your desk should look to maintain good posture, click here.

Technology is responsible for a lot and we as a society need to realize what we are doing to our postures in order to make a change for the better. Minimizing the use of technology is the best way to prevent bad posture, but regular chiropractic visits and being aware of how we are sat whilst using technology can aid in preventing a damaged posture.

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