Which Type of Mattress is Best for Me

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Me

There has never been a better time to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Mattress designs are more advanced and vary more widely than ever. Regardless of your sleep requirements and preferences, there is a mattress for you. Many of us, however, fail to give our mattress purchase the due consideration it deserves. It is easy to succumb to the fanciful new terminology or to reside ourselves to what we already know and trust. The reward of learning about various mattress qualities is a long-term improvement of rest and well-being. In addition, many newer mattress models are made with more sustainable materials, meaning your research may also be better for the planet too.

The material of your mattress is a primary consideration. The main variations you will encounter are memory-foam, latex-foam, hybrid, and spring or innercoil. In addition, each of these categories has other variations. Coil mattresses are built around the inner network of wiring that offer the familiar bounce we know and enjoy with mattresses. While they may offer a cooler night’s sleep, due to their internal structure, there are few other benefits in comparison to other, newer designs, especially since their rigid form requires sleepers to adjust to the mattresses position.

Alternatively, foam mattresses offer the now widely-favoured benefit of better support. Their material allows the mattress to accommodate and support the body based upon each preference and position. This means that, no matter how you sleep, a memory foam mattress will work for you. Recent advancements have also allowed the foam designs to become more breathable too, competing with the classic coil design. A currently popular advantage of the latex-based foam mattress are the environmentally-friendly benefits of its material. If this is an important factor in your purchase, be sure to ask for the specific organic or sustainability certifications from the manufacturer.

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Hybrids seek to bridge the benefits of both mattress styles but, while some do achieve this, they can often be more expensive and offer little reason to select one over an entire foam mattress.

When purchasing a new mattress, some people neglect to choose a new and larger size. It is easy to become accustomed to a particular size, often a double bed, and fail to experience the benefits a larger bed may bring. Having more space to sleep allows your body to find more comfortable positions as well as move during the night without disrupting your own or a partner’s sleep.

While a larger mattress might deter you with a larger price tag, the investment may ultimately prove to be a wise choice, especially when your sleep improves. If you are not sold on reconsidering your mattress size, consider looking at the reviews of those who have upgraded to read first-hand accounts of the benefits. Reviewers, such as Savvy Sleeper, are also great sources for discussion and insight into a wide variety of mattresses. By spending time learning and considering different options for your mattress you will find yourself selecting the most appropriate mattress for your body and, ultimately, sleep better than ever.

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