9 Funny Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Brand

9 Funny Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Brand

The addictive nature of Instagram stories has taken social media by storm. These posts are so engaging that one cannot help viewing them multiple times. When it comes to Instagram business insights, it shows how many users clicked forward to the subsequent story from your Instagram story and how many of them left. Based on Hooper’s IQ account, on an average of 80 percent of people, do one thing for sure.They ‘Tap’ via Instagram stories instead of tapping ‘Exit’. It shows people love to see Instagram stories.visit here

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, your business can dominate Instagram stories if you focus on photography. Picking a powerful color, keeping the visuals bright, and with an abundance of background receive maximum likes. Read on to learn how you can use some funny ways to use Instagram Stories for your business:

1. Share business announcements

Pique audience interest by announcing something new about your company after proper research from a facts collection website. It could be anything like a new product launch, generic business updates, and new employees in your organization. Use these moments to post vivid Instagram stories, especially behind-the-scenes videos of your company. This way, your followers and prospects would feel that they have a privilege to view the latest information about your brand. Moreover, your business also looks human because people will know you and your organization.

The behind-the-scenes footage could be anything like the packaging of your new product or a joke cracked on a coworker. These funny things will make your company look more human and natural to your existing and potential followers, thus driving brand engagement and awareness. You can read up more about Instagram stories and benefits on platforms like накрутитьлайки в инстаграм.

2. Focus on story highlights

As far as story highlights are concerned, it has been a game-changer for Instagram and business marketing. You can highlight some of the best things about your company. Again, if you are a big brand, pin stories at the top of your Instagram profile to serve as an extension of your bio.

Quick Tips, How to Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story – 4 Steps.

Use story highlights to tell your targeted audience who you are, what your business is about, what you do, and why. At the same time, you can display your merchandise through story highlights. Create stories for a business purpose. Make sure it has an appealing cover to change your Instagram page into a business brochure.

3. Ask questions

Use the questions sticker to invite your customers to ask any questions. You too can ask questions to your targeted audience. It is one of the best features of Instagram to help you build a community and inspire buyer interaction.

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Letting your audience ask questions shows that your business cares about the customers and values their opinions. When you are present to answer all questions, it shows that your brand is credible and honest, thus fostering customer trust or loyalty. It also makes your brand look human to your audience.

4. Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights have been a distinct advantage since they were discharged in December 2017. For normal clients, they go about as an individual showreel of ‘best bits’. In any case, for brands, having the option to stick Stories to the highest point of your profile basically goes about as an augmentation of your profile.

As a business, you can use features to tell individuals that arrive on your page your identity, what you do and why you do it, just as showing your item or administration! Make Stories to be Highlights, with an eye-getting spread they’ll change your Instagram page into a pamphlet! These are both incredible instances of organizations using Highlights in their Instagram advertising! They have eye-catching spreads and give a great deal more substance to clients to glance through, eventually keeping individuals on their page for more.

5. Polls

Gone are the times of exhausting client polls, find your solutions with only a tap! Utilizing surveys in your Instagram Stories is an extraordinary method to drive collaboration with your supporters. You can utilize them for statistical surveying, client criticism, or just to become more acquainted with your group of spectators and have a touch of fun! The conceivable outcomes with surveys are inestimable, and it’s conceivable to consider profoundly pertinent imaginative battles explicit to your image or target statistic!

For instance, Swell (whose Instagram game is phenomenal – look at them) have utilized surveys to impart significant data to their group of spectators as a test. We think brand-customer collaboration on Stories is a pattern that will just get greater in 2019! As Instagram continues discharging highlights to support genuine discussion and brand dependability. Expediting us to our next recommendation.


An ongoing expansion to Instagram Stories, the commencement sticker is an extraordinary element for brands to advance rivalries, deals, and declarations. Clients can set updates for the commencement due date, and brands get this information so they know precisely what the number of (and which) of their group of spectators is generally locked in!

This information is another extraordinary component for helping construct network, and we can see Instagram proceeding to build up these sorts of highlights in 2019.

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7. Location Stickers

Instagram is about network and uniting individuals over shared interests. Increment the discoverability of your Instagram Stories by continually labeling areas! They will be added to that area’s authentic Story, and in this way, individuals that don’t tail you will most likely watch them. Such a speedy and basic stunt that will get you undeniably more impacts on your Stories.

8.Hashtag Stickers

So also, hashtags in Instagram Stories work to a similar impact, implying that your Story will be added to a bigger Story gathering each Story utilizing that hashtag (that was a significant piece).

Do your exploration on which hashtags are most utilized by your intended interest group and your rivals and incorporate these in your Stories! Look at our All In One Guide To Instagram Hashtags for more information on hashtag technique!


Instagram Live offers an incredible route for organizations to drive commitment! Get ready for it ahead of time so you can tell your adherents it will occur and advance it somewhere else. The more watchers and commitment your Live video gets, the almost certain it is to be highlighted in ‘Top live’ on the Explore page, so it’s great to attempt to get however many individuals tuned in as would be prudent. This will likewise give you and your partners time to arrange for what you’ll be doing and saying during the live stream!

In case you’re pondering what sorts of things your business could utilize Live for, the potential outcomes are inestimable! Numerous brands utilize Live to disclose new items or highlights, record occasions, film interviews, hold Q&As with their supporters or offer constrained time limits.

Instagram is attempting to push Live to turn into the following huge thing, so they help advance it by informing your supporters that you’ve begun a live stream. Live recordings additionally hold pride of spot at the highest point of the Stories bar! This implies your video will be the main thing individuals see when they jump on the Story transport line.


Instagram has more than 300 million users. Therefore, it is no wonder that you will use these tips and implement the right social media strategy to show that your business and products are awesome.

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Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic.


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