4 Compelling Reasons To Obtain Farm Insurance In Stratford

4 Compelling Reasons To Obtain Farm Insurance In Stratford

Managing a farm in Stratford can be a huge responsibility. Aside from the crops and animals, you also need to safeguard the entire property against natural disasters and other significant safety threats that could cause harm to your farm. This is where farm insurance enters the picture.

Farm insurance refers to a type of insurance coverage designed to protect the farmers from unexpected losses. It usually covers any property related to the farm and some farming activities. These can include farm products, livestock and farming equipment and machinery.

Hence, to ensure the farmer doesn’t financially suffer the aftermath of a loss of property, farm insurance can be one of the essential things to have. However, if you’re running a farm in Stratford, you may be asking yourself if you, indeed, need a farm insurance policy.

To answer that question, below are four compelling reasons for obtaining farm insurance in Stratford:

  • You Have A Large Barn

Generally, a barn refers to a storage area designed to keep all your agricultural products, equipment and machinery. It can also be used as a shelter for animals you raise on your farm. Because of these, you certainly need farm insurance in Stratford as protection against unexpected losses or damage.

When barns get damaged due to an accident, an incident of fire, or extreme weather conditions, it may be very costly to repair or rebuild them in the fastest time possible. To avoid spending your own money, you should have a farm insurance policy to help defray the repair or rebuilding costs.

  • You Maintain Farm Equipment And Machinery

As a farmer, you probably own farm equipment and machinery. They play an essential role on the farm because they help make farming activities much easier and faster. Some common farm equipment and machinery can include tractors, sprayers, field cultivators, balers, plows, planters and other related farming tools.

So, if you have any of these pieces of equipment or machinery, you should obtain farm insurance to protect yourself from the financial losses associated with damaged or stolen equipment. Besides, farm equipment and machinery can be considered a significant investment, which is why they should be protected from loss or damage. In that case, you need insurance coverage from a farm insurance provider to cover the repair or replacement expenses.

  • You Carry Out Significant Farming Activities

Another compelling reason for getting farm insurance is that you perform significant farming activities on your land. For example, if you own and raise livestock, such as cows, horses, chickens or sheep, you should have farm insurance coverage as protection.

You need to remember that raising animals requires a lot of time, money and effort. Hence, if they get sick or die for whatever reason, all the money you’ve spent may be wasted, and you may have to spend unnecessary money on buying new ones. Unfortunately, when all these things happen, you may upset your pocket or bank account. To avoid this, you should have farm insurance coverage to reduce the financial losses.

Moreover, having a farm insurance policy can be essential when you grow crops. As weather conditions in your area may be unpredictable, you need your crops to be insured to avoid unanticipated losses or damage. Remember, bad weather can potentially wipe out your produce, which leaves you with nothing to sell afterward. When this happens, you’ll be unable to protect your investment.

For these reasons, you should find the right farm insurance in your area that can help reimburse the losses you’ve sustained. You can also call your insurance agent to make the selection process seamless.

  • You Rent Out Land To Another Farmer

You also need to obtain farm insurance if you rent part of your land to another farmer. Even if you’re not into farming, it’s still important to insure your farm for protection against unexpected damage or loss caused by accidents and natural disasters. Besides, it’s still your land; whatever happens, you’ll be responsible for the liabilities that may be incurred due to damage or loss.

That said, you should start looking for the right farm insurance coverage to cover yourself against any financial liabilities.


Like other types of insurance coverage, farm insurance is also an essential investment for people who run a farm or own land for farming. As anything may happen due to accidents or bad weather conditions, you need insurance to cover the losses or damage your farm may incur. However, if you’re still unsure if farm insurance is right for your situation, keep the information mentioned above in mind to understand why you should have one for your farm or land.

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