A Staycation in Meerut

A Staycation in Meerut

Meerut, a city that dates back to the Indus Valley civilisation, is now a well-known commercial metropolis in Uttar Pradesh. As a result, most of the city’s attractions contain historical monuments depicting the city’s overall evolution over the decades. If you are planning a quick staycation in the city, using Meerut cabs can be a pretty effective way to travel around.


Top Attractions in Meerut for Tourists

  1. Memorial to Martyrs


The Martyr’s Memorial, also known as the Shaheed Smarak in Meerut, is a popular tourist destination. This small memorial complex was created to honour the combatants, rebels, and soldiers who fought against the British East India Company in the first struggle for independence in 1857. You can see certain cultural events and other activities during national holidays and national significance. The Martyrs’ Memorial Complex also houses the Government Freedom Struggle Museum, which houses many of the antiques and war artilleries related to India’s first struggle for independence in 1857.

2. Hastinapur Digamber Jain Mandir


Meerut is a prime example of a province that supports and accommodates a diverse range of religions and places of worship, all with similar goals. The Digamber Jain Mandir in Hastinapur is an excellent illustration of this, as it is a central place of worship and a popular pilgrimage destination for members of the Jain community. Three Jain Tirthankaras were born in this Jain Mandir. There are also several other tourist sites nearby the Jain Mandir, such as the Hastinapur Wildlife, Gurdwara, Pandeshwar Mandir, and so on.

3. Gandhi Bagh


If you’ve spent the day visiting Meerut’s major tourist attractions, the first recommendation is to stroll around the neighbouring Gandhi Bagh, one of the city’s most stunning gardens. Locals commonly refer to it as the Company Garden. The greatest time to visit the garden is in the evenings when a musical fountain is presented.

4. Shahi Jama Masjid 


The Meerut Shahi Jama Masjid is undoubtedly one of the oldest mosques in India. The mosque was constructed during Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi’s reign in the first part of the eleventh century by his chief minister Hasan Mahdi. Some Muslims think the Shahi Jama Masjid in Meerut was the first fully completed mosque in North Indian territory. Furthermore, the Mughal emperor, Humayun, arrived and rebuilt and restored the mosque to its original state.

5. The Old Basilica


You’ll be pleased to discover that a lovely Basilica is just around the corner. The Basilica of Our Lady of Graces, also known as the church, is a popular centre of devotion and one of Meerut’s oldest churches. This church is devoted to the Virgin Mary and has a peaceful environment that people enjoy. The church boasts significant architecture as well as various statues within. Begum Samru, a Muslim woman who wed a soldier from Europe and later became a Roman Catholic, built this monument. The Basilica is one of northern India’s largest churches.


Wrapping Up!


One of the best places to go for a tranquil and pleasant weekend staycation in Meerut. Meerut offers a lot to both pilgrims and tourists, and touring this city will be a memorable experience for a lifetime. Pack your bags and book a car rental in Meerut today to fully explore the city.

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