What does asbestos do to the human body?

What does asbestos do to the human body?

Many people know that they should avoid asbestos and make sure that they make its removal a priority if detected in their property, but what exactly can asbestos do to your body? asbestos is so dangerous as it has the ability to turn into microscopically thin fibres; these tiny fibres will become airborne, and due to the size of these fibres, people would eventually breathe them in. They travel into the person’s lungs, potentially causing various sicknesses such as Lung cancer, asbestosis and Mesothelioma.

What to do once you have identified asbestos in your property

Once you have determined that your property may have asbestos, do not try to look further into it yourself. This isn’t a DIY project you can fix yourself. Your best cause of action would be to call a professional. Calling someone like London asbestos removal is the most sensible decision due to their knowledge of the subject.

Asbestos-Related Diseases


Asbestosis is the scarring of the lungs that typically happen from breathing in asbestos over a long time, but years may pass before symptoms appear. Once you have contracted asbestosis, it becomes difficult for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide to pass through the lungs due to the scarring.

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Pleural is classified as a non-cancerous lung condition. It causes the membrane surrounding the lungs and chest to become thicker throughout or in isolated areas. Not everyone with pleural will have difficulties breathing, but some may have a worse lung function.

Lung Cancer

A well-known condition for all of the wrong reasons, you may get lung cancer when overexposed to asbestos. You will develop a tumour that will invade and eventually block the lung’s air passage. Smoking tobacco increases your chance of developing Lung cancer, but mixed with asbestos exposure, this will significantly increase your chances of developing it.


Another cancer which is contractible from overexposure to asbestos is Mesothelioma, one of the rarer types of cancers you could contract. It will first cover the lungs and chest cavity, the membrane surrounding the other internal organs. However, this may only appear 30-40 years after asbestos exposure.

How to know you have been exposed to asbestos

Unless you know you have been in contact with asbestos, it can be hard to identify whether you have been exposed to asbestos. Some of the ways you could identify are regular checkups, such as X-rays and PET scans, as these will be able to detect early signs of any lung disease.

How long it takes for you to get sick from asbestos

It’s hard to tell when you will become sick after contact with asbestos; it’s never an instant illness; it is typically highly long-winded. All asbestos diseases have a latency period, a gap between the time you breathe it in and the time you begin to feel sick. These latency periods can last anywhere from 10-40 years. Not everyone exposed to asbestos will become ill. Still, anyone who has come into contact with asbestos multiple times has a much bigger chance of developing the disease later in life. All asbestos diseases are challenging to treat. Most are impossible to cure. Stopping asbestos fibres from ever entering your lungs is essential. There is no cure for most asbestos diseases, so it is always better to prevent them.

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Advice for people concerned with their recent exposure to asbestos

Following asbestos exposure, you should make an immediate appointment at your local doctor’s surgery, as once asbestos has entered your lungs, it cannot be removed. But visiting your doctor’s surgery and seeking advice to prevent further harm is needed with regular physical exams and scans. It’s also important to note that once you have come into contact with asbestos, you should seriously consider quitting smoking (if you are currently smoking), as this could lead to other diseases. Getting regular flu vaccinations to steer clear of all flu when possible. And finally, attempt to stay away from further asbestos exposure, as this could worsen your current condition.

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