8 Shaving Tips No One Ever Told You

8 Shaving Tips No One Ever Told You

Shaving is one of those activities that everyone kind of knows how to do, but few people know all the finer points of all the best practices. When it comes to shaving, small changes can make a big difference in your shave, from choosing a dedicated shaving lotion to changing out your razor blades often. Here are eight shaving tips no one ever told you that will take your shaving routine to the next level:

Exfoliate First

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells that have built up on the surface of your skin. This leads to a cleaner shave and also reduces the chances of developing ingrown hairs (which happen when hairs become stuck underneath layers of dead skin). For this reason, we recommend exfoliating before you shave to get the best results. If your skin is too sensitive to both exfoliate and shave during the same shower, then exfoliate the night before you plan to shave so your skin gets some downtime in between.

Wait to Start Shaving

Normally we advocate for taking shorter, lukewarm showers — since prolonged exposure to hot water can dry out your skin — but shaving nights are when you should make an exception. That’s because warm water and the steam it creates will soften your hair and skin, which makes it easier to shave close to the skin. For that reason, we recommend waiting at least a few minutes after your shower starts before you start shaving. Instead, wash and condition your hair or cleanse your face while you wait for the steam to do its work.

Use a Sharp Razor

Many people get nervous about sharp blades, but they are actually safer than old razor blades. Razors that have become dull or pitted with use make it harder to get a closer shave and tend to cut the hairs unevenly, which can contribute to ingrown hairs and create micro tears in the skin. If you notice lots of irritation, stinging, and burning, after shaving, an old razor blade might be the culprit. Pay attention to how the blade drags while shaving and replace it once you start to notice visible drag. Most people get 5-7 shaves out of a disposable razor cartridge depending on what areas of the body they are shaving and how thick the hair is.

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Apply Shaving Cream or Lotion

We know it’s tempting to use your body wash as a double duty product for shaving, but we recommend against this. Shaving lotion is specifically formulated with natural skincare ingredients that will lubricate your skin so that the razor glides across it, giving you a close shave without nicks or irritation. This is especially important for sensitive areas of skin such as the underarms and bikini, which are more prone to developing razor burn. To prevent the water from washing away the shaving cream, work in small sections, lathering and shaving only one area of your body at a time.

Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

Shaving against the direction of the hair may result in a slightly closer shave, but it can irritate the skin and also increase the odds of developing ingrown hairs. For this reason, you should shave in the direction of hair growth whenever possible, especially in sensitive areas like around the bikini line. This may take a little more time and you will need to go a bit more slowly, but the end result should be a less irritating shave.

Rinse the Razor Frequently

When you shave, shaving cream builds up in the razor with each stroke. After a couple of passes, you will notice that the razor becomes clogged and drags against your skin, skipping patches of hair and potentially nicking your skin. To stop this from happening, rinse out the razor blade every stroke or two to remove the buildup of shaving cream and loose hairs. This will make a big difference in the closeness of your shave and help to cut down further on irritation.

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Moisturize After Shaving

Shaving can be drying and irritating to your skin, so moisturizing after you get out of the shower is key to helping your skin recover quickly. We recommend choosing a moisturizer that is free of fragrance, denatured alcohol, and other potentially irritating ingredients that can make your skin sting if you did nick yourself while shaving. To get an extra boost of moisture, apply the lotion while you are still in the shower and your skin is still damp. This will trap the water molecules in your skin to help it stay hydrated and healthy. You can follow this tip even if you haven’t shaved that particular day — it will make a big difference for dry skin especially!

Maintain Razor Hygiene

Keeping your razor clean is extremely important for getting the closest shave possible. Don’t let it sit in your shower, where it can collect bacteria or rust in the humid environment. Instead, rinse it off with warm water and leave it out on the bathroom counter to dry overnight. Once it’s fully dry, put the blade cover back on and store it somewhere dry, like a cabinet or drawer. Regularly inspect your razor for signs of rust or mildew and replace it if you notice mysterious spots. Proper storage will extend the life of your razor and help you get more uses out of it before you have to replace it.

We hope this guide taught you at least one new thing about shaving to improve your shaving routine. What are some of your other best tips to get a better shave? Let us know in the comments below!

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