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Rory Brown, Lifestyle Writer, Shares 6 Minerals to Add to Your Diet Today

Rory Brown, Lifestyle Writer, Shares 6 Minerals to Add to Your Diet Today

The human body creates cells, which in turn generate skin, hair, collagen, bone, protein, and energy. The body requires the right nutritional balance to produce these essential elements. Vitamins are one source of these nutrients, and playing a similar role, with benefits such as fending…

How CBD can improve the immune system

How CBD can improve the immune system

Cannabidiol, or CBD, which is the component of the cannabis sativa plant that doesn’t have psychoactive properties (it will not get you high), has been credited with a variety of benefits, including strengthening the immune system. While research on CBD is still limited, the substance…

How High School Jobs Teach Successful Habits

How High School Jobs Teach Successful Habits

The rumor that after-school or summer jobs distract teenagers from schoolwork and extracurricular activities is far from true. Holding a part-time job actually helps teens become more successful in other areas of their life! They’ll learn valuable life lessons that will help them in all areas of their life, following them from their adolescent years and into adulthood. Here are a few reasons it’s a good idea for your teen to get a job.

Jobs Teach Financial Independence

When your teen finds a job, they learn the responsibility required to budget their money. As adults, we all know this is an important skill to have in life. Balancing expenses like groceries, rent, electrical bills, and saving money for vacation and leisure activities are all things your teen needs to learn firsthand. The Bank of Mom and Dad will eventually run dry, so the sooner your teenager starts earning their own keep and learning how to use money wisely, the more successful they’ll be later in life! Plus, your teen will be more stressed in college and future life stages if they don’t have prior experience budgeting and handling money.

Jobs Open Teenagers to New Experiences

First jobs are an awesome source of inspiration for all teenagers. They allow teens to meet people from other walks of life, learn new skills, and develop creative problem solving skills that are bound to help them later on. Work experiences can even be great to incorporate into your teen’s college applications, as universities often like to see that high schoolers take initiative outside of their school’s extracurriculars. Your teen could easily write about challenges they overcame and hardships they faced balancing work and school, which will demonstrate responsibility to colleges! Jobs are environments for teenagers to grow and learn more about the world, which will give them a more unique voice and perspective than their peers. This is a great asset to have, no matter if they’re applying for college, or other future jobs!

Jobs Teach Balance

The key to living happily and successfully is having a well-rounded life, which means doing other things than just studying and getting good grades. And, like all things, it requires practice to get it right. If your high schooler doesn’t know how to balance work and school responsibilities, they’ll struggle later in life when their income becomes a more important part of living. Even though school is important, your teen needs to learn to value other parts of their life. Adding a job to your teen’s schedule will help them learn how to juggle multiple projects at once, which is something all future adults need to know how to do. Whether your teenage is volunteering or getting paid a decent wage, their experience working adds a lot to their character.

Jobs Teach Leadership Skills

Once your teen gets out of high school, colleges and future jobs are looking for people with important leadership abilities. In a college, for example, there are tons of student workers that help make everything from the cafeteria to administration run smoothly. Colleges are often looking for students who have prior experience and are comfortable taking the reigns in a work setting. How will your teen learn these valuable skills without any previous work experience? Having a job in high school will make your teen a prime option for running student organizations such as service clubs, club sports, and more, which will lead to success down the road. These are the teenagers who prove they know how to meet professional goals, which will make them more appealing to companies and employers after college is over. But it all starts early, and your teen can get a jump on the competition by having a job!

Jobs Teach Time Management

Throughout life, your teen will be confronted with learning how to balance a lot of different tasks, which will come easier to them if they already know how to schedule their time between work and school. With class schedules meeting throughout different parts of the day, your teen could be at a loss when deciding how to incorporate social time, chores, or campus activities. The time management skills they will get from having work in high school while their brain is developing will give them more confidence to plan out their day and take on more responsibilities to be successful and efficient. Budgeting time to relax is just as important as budgeting time to work, and the extra work from having a job will teach your teen to spend their time wisely.

Jobs Teach Business Etiquette

Many students who leave college or high school for the professional world don’t know the first thing about how to formally interact with businesses and employers. You don’t want your teen to embarrass themself during their first interview, and having an entry-level after-school job will give them practice behaving in a professional environment. When your teenager has to meet with people in high positions later on, it helps for them to know how to properly speak with professionals. This is a skill that will be invaluable during job interviews as well as learning how to appropriately network later in life. Being courteous and professional can seriously impact someone’s career prospects, so it’s good to learn the tricks of the trade early on.

Jobs Give Teens Resources

Working hard at a job will help your teen form positive professional relationships that they can use to get strong letters of recommendation. Most students get letters of recommendation from teachers and faculty that they connected with at school, but having an employer write a letter really stands out. This can help in the college admissions process as well as in future job searches, which are sure to take your teen down the path to success. Good reference letters prove your teen can be successful in multiple aspects of their life, and shows the kind of work ethic they can bring to the college and beyond.

Jobs Teach Teens What they Want

Job experience also helps your teen understand what kinds of professions they might enjoy, and will give them an idea of what they need to do to reach their goals. If your teen doesn’t like flipping burgers, they might realize the importance of a college education. Then, they may set a goal to get into a certain school and study a certain subject so they can do something they’re passionate about. Goal setting is linked to success in teenagers, and jobs are a great introduction to this healthy habit. It’s normal for teens to be uncertain about what kind of job they might have in the future, but the more jobs they have, the closer they can get to figuring out what they might want to do later in their life.

Help Your Teen Get a Job!

Your teen will be much more prepared for a life of success after they’ve gained some work experience, so we recommend that you help them find a job a high school. They might not know how to make a résumé or what kinds of jobs might be a good fit, so it’s helpful when the parents lend a helping hand. After having a job, your teen will be much happier, more independent, and more successful in college and future pursuits.

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How to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant (Including Sleeping on the Floor!)

How to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant (Including Sleeping on the Floor!)

Pregnancy is very exciting, but it can come with bumps in the road. There is no woman on the planet who doesn’t suffer a little during pregnancy. However, knowing the best ways to sleep comfortably on the floor while pregnancy may be a good thing…

Tips to Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally

Tips to Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally

The skin is the primary body organ, and it has a plethora of needs for rejuvenation and nourishment. Our skin requires a regular and consistent supply of essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep it nourished and healthy. It requires adequate protection from the harmful…

Major Health Concerns You Must Take Care Of: A Comprehensive Guide

Major Health Concerns You Must Take Care Of: A Comprehensive Guide

Health issues are getting more and more common amongst people of all ages with every passing day. It may be due to advancements in medical sciences, where new diseases are discovering, or because of having a bad lifestyle. The most common reasons why people encounter health issues are bad dieting habits, little to no exercise, environmental problems like pollutions, and high levels of stress. Health problems may not present themselves when you are young, but if you develop the above-mentioned bad habits, they will surely be a cause of health issues when you grow older.

Taking care of yourself is of great importance. Even the smallest of health problems, like pain, headaches, or even indigestion, can take away your happiness and make you uncomfortable at every step of your life. Having health problems will negatively affect your daily life as you will not be able to do everyday tasks, and things will get more difficult with time if these issues are not solved. If you want to know about the major health concerns that people usually face so you can prevent them, then this article will be helpful to you. In this article, we are going to share with you some major health concerns that you must take care of to live a long healthy life. These health issues are listed as follows;

Mouth Diseases

Taking care of your oral and dental health should be an essential part of your life. Having bad oral hygiene can lead to issues such as gum disease and dental cavities. Having bad oral health has also been linked to diabetes, mouth cancer, and heart problems. The dental problem is a common issue that children and adults both face nowadays. The research was done by the WHO, which found that around 60 percent of school-going children have at least one dental cavity present inside their mouths. It also says that 95 percent of adults also have one cavity present inside their teeth.

If you are experiencing a toothache or any other sort of pain inside your mouth, it is a good idea to visit a dentist as soon as possible before the issue that is causing it worsens. If you don’t take swift action to solve dental and oral issues, it may cause you to lose your teeth. For people who have fake dentures, getting all on 4 dental implants is a great solution as it is a permanent fix. This type of dental implant also allows you to have better oral hygiene and are easy to take care of. To sum up, we can say that our mouth is the main way of germs entering our bodies, so if we keep it clean, we will be able to avoid many harmful diseases and viruses from entering our bodies.

Heart Diseases

heart diseases are very dangerous as they are deadlier than any other type of disease and can sometimes cause instant death. Heart diseases like myocardial infarction, heart failure, and angina have the highest rate of fatality and have killed more people than cancer. Bad diet habits like eating too much fatty food, smoking, and not exercising are amongst the main causes of such heart diseases.

So to protect us from such deadly types of diseases, we should introduce some changes to our lifestyles. If you smoke, you should quit immediately. If you have a habit of eating fast foods, you should slowly cut down on it and eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Follow that with regular exercise, and you will be the fittest that you can be. Ideally, you should do some form of cardio and weight training at least five times a week. If you don’t have the time to do so, you can do three times a week. The main goal is to keep yourself moving to improve your overall cardiovascular health.


Diabetes is a type of disease that is associated with having high levels of glucose in your blood. People usually develop this disease when they eat too much sugar every day. Not only that, but people who have a family history of this disease should take extra care, as they are more prone to developing it, compared to people that don’t have a family history of it. Not only is it dangerous on its own, but diabetes can also be a cause of many other dangerous diseases like heart and kidney failure.

Positive changes in lifestyle like developing an eating habit that includes whole-grain bread, green vegetables, and protein can severely decrease the chances of having such a disease. Also, regular exercise is a must as it will keep you fit and reduce the levels of glucose in your body, keeping it functioning normally.


Cancer is a major health concern that does not have any sort of permanent treatment, once you develop it. More people are developing it due to the modernization of cities, which has led to environmental degradation such as air pollution. While cancer has no specific cause, it is common in people who smoke tobacco a lot, people who suffer from obesity, or people who have seen high levels of radiation. Cancer is a type of disease that can genetically transfer between siblings and relatives. People who have cancer present in their family history are more prone to developing it compared to people who don’t. The most common types of cancer that males and females experience are prostate cancer and breast cancer, respectively.

To avoid such a life-threatening disease from happening, you should take some positive life-changing decisions like taking up a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and quitting the use of alcohol. Also, a good idea would be to visit your doctor to get a cancer screening done once every four months or so. This way, you will be able to catch it before it worsens, allowing the treatment to be more effective.


Having a deeper understanding of life-threatening diseases is of great importance as we will be able to take preventative measures to avoid them from ever occurring. Adopting good habits like eating healthy and exercising five times a week will allow us to stay healthy and fit for a very long time. The healthier you are, the happier you will be with your life, and you will want to do everything that you ever wanted. There is no point in achieving your goals as long as you don’t have good health. Today, we have shared with you some ways to take care of major health concerns. So, it is a good idea that you consider them so that you can stay healthy and live a long prosperous life.

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Nutrients You Didn’t Know About Are Essential for Your Mental Health

Nutrients You Didn’t Know About Are Essential for Your Mental Health

A lot of people are mostly concerned about their looks and appearance and therefore they do not even bother to go beyond miles. Sometimes they opt for cosmetic surgeries or undergo several beauty treatments to look exceptionally pretty and beautiful as compared to others. But…

Singapore Dermatologist Explains 5 Top Causes Of Hair Loss

Singapore Dermatologist Explains 5 Top Causes Of Hair Loss

For many people, hair loss (medically known as alopecia) is something frightening. A lot of people identify themselves with their hair and hairstyle. That is why some may see hair loss as a step towards losing themselves. When my experience with hair loss became unmanageable,…

Double Eyelid Surgery: Semi-Incisional vs Fully-Incisional Techniques

Double Eyelid Surgery: Semi-Incisional vs Fully-Incisional Techniques

Over the years, double eyelid surgery in Singapore has travelled the route from a highly frowned-upon operation to nothing but common practice. It has also become more advanced over time, offering minor downtime and lower risk of scarring. This post will look into the options in more detail and juxtapose them for a better overview of the techniques. Stick around.

Why the need for double eyelid surgery?

Unless the muscles above the eyes are so weak and droopy that they obstruct one’s vision, there is no medical necessity for such a procedure. It all comes down to personal preferences. Truth is, a great deal of people with a monolid covet to have that additional crease to make their peepers appear bigger and brighter.

According to statistics, double eyelid surgery ranks high on the list of most popular surgical procedures, especially in countries like Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. It comes in third after liposuction and breast augmentation which are by far the most sought-after cosmetic interventions. In 2015 solely, surgeons reported over 1.3 million operations worldwide. There are many reasons for the surge in double eyelid cases.

For one, it’s the downtime. A procedure that is as easy as getting your nails done is nothing but tempting, to say the least. It is performed in less than 60 minutes and requires no hospital stay. At Allure Plastic Surgery, one of Singapore‘s leading aesthetic clinics, patients generally spend around two hours at the clinic and are free to walk out of it immediately after the session is over. They can go back to their duties and hobbies right away as long as the swelling doesn’t bother them.

Perhaps the most essential argument that people resort to is the belief that their lifestyles will change dramatically once they make that alteration. In their minds, it will help them find better jobs and have happier experiences overall. In other words, they don’t always do it in the name of beauty but are rather influenced by more practical purposes.

Whereas in the past youngsters would undergo double eyelid surgery secretly from their parents, today it is adults themselves who take their kids to the clinic for said operation. It has gained social acceptance across many Asian countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. Singapore is no exception.

Can eyelid tape offer a solution?

Eyelid tape is a temporary fix that is easy on the budget. Literally anyone can get their hands on some and give it a try. It doesn’t require any special skills and it doesn’t carry risks. You don’t need to go to a specialist to have it placed and it’s easy to use. Generally speaking, it’s a matter of five minutes or so, depending on how dextrous you are.

It’s a good way to see how your eyes will look with a permanent crease and whether it meets your expectations. But you should know that most of these products don’t hold up for a long time and may fall off your face while you are out and about. It means you need to stock up with packages and always carry one in your purse wherever you go.

Besides, some brands work better than others and you can find out which is suitable for you only through experimenting. Oftentimes this means you are going to waste your money on techniques that are not tried-and-true and fail to achieve the look you aspire to have.

Even though it doesn’t take much time to use and it’s not expensive, eyelid tape tends to be unpractical in the long run. Spending all this time to apply it on the regular and check in on it to see if it’s in place, plus all this effort you could have spent doing much more entertaining things, that’s not the way to go.

But most of all, it’s the ineffective results it achieves that eventually drives people away from this method for creating double eyelids.

That’s why in the end, they walk into the doctor’s office asking for a permanent procedure that will solve the problem once and for all so they won’t have to constantly worry about it.

What surgical techniques are there?

There are two options. One is minimally invasive and therefore more popular around patients; the other one is considered fully surgical.

Partial incision

The surgeon makes measurements on the lids before the operation while the patient is sitting upright. The orbital septum is exposed by cutting the skin but only in the areas where it needs to. Half of the fat and some muscle may need to be removed. Sutures are then placed in the wound to keep it together.

The procedure has a duration of 30-40 minutes and requires the use of twilight anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. The doctor will take out the stitches on the fourth or fifth day post-op.

This method suitable for people who:

  • Would like to get rid of extra fat in their lids
  • Have reached a point where they need revision surgery
  • Want to avoid swelling and scarring
  • Have eyes that swell in the morning

The partial-incision method comes with fast recovery time and gives patients the opportunity to return to their routines right after the procedure.

Full incision

The very intervention consists of making an incision in the upper eyelid in full. It starts from the medial canthus and ends in the lateral canthus. All excess skin is removed at the doctor’s discretion. To close the incisions, they resort to stitches.

The effects of this method can last up to ten years, which makes it sort of permanent. It creates profound and visible folds in the eyelids.

The negatives are that healing takes longer and the outcome is fully visible after three to six months. Another problem is that the scars are obvious when the eyes are closed and makeup-free. As far as swelling is concerned, it’s quite distinct in the first few days but it resolves after a while.

What is the outlook of double eyelid surgery?

As long as refined skills and techniques are implemented into the procedure, as well as proper aftercare, double eyelid surgery offers a long-lasting alternative to quick fixes. Both the minimally invasive and fully incisional methods can help give the eyes a more distinct shape and get rid of unwanted fat that can make the eyes look tired, bored or sleepy. Patients can choose one over the other depending on what they expect from the procedure.

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Facts about Vegan Protein Powder You Should Know

Facts about Vegan Protein Powder You Should Know

If you are a weightlifter, you might be more familiar with protein shakes or powders that give you the additional boost of protein that you need. Although when you get to face stuff such as vegan protein from Tropeaka might make you do a double-take.…