The Most Talked About Casinos to Travel To

The Most Talked About Casinos to Travel To

For those with a passion for winning, a thrill for adventure and a love for the unknown, casino destinations are the perfect choice for the entire family. The most talked about casinos are the ones which offer tourists the best of everything; the most exquisite restaurants, shopping facilities, spas, health facilities and a wide variety of all of the most popular casino games. Some are located right by the ocean, while others sport the most exotic pools to soak up the sun and get some downtime before hitting the tables. Another important aspect of the most popular land based casinos is the architecture; some casinos date back to the 1900’s and holds an element of history seldom found in newly developed establishments.

If you are planning to travel, check out some of the most talked about casinos to travel to, the ones that have everyone’s tongues wagging and stand apart from the rest.

Las Vegas – The Bellagio

Naturally, one of the most talked about casinos is in Las Vegas. Vegas, known as Sin City, is situated along the strip with a number of casinos gracing its region. It’s also perfect for the entire family as there are many entertaining activities to choose from. The main casino is the Bellagio which is also one of the best casino resorts in the world. The luxury hotel has been designed with over 3000 rooms, 14 restaurants and a Poker room where professional poker players frequent.

Africa – Sun City

Based in the outback of South Africa, the casino and holiday resort is simply a must see. Beautifully designed and crafted for gamblers, there are ample activities for the entire family including the Valley of Waves, Cabanas and two massive casinos.

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China – Macau

Amidst all the activity in China lies a casino dream, with 33 fantastic establishments. Macau is known as the Monte Carlo of the East and choice might not come as easy as all 33 casinos are equally desirable.

Monaco – Monte Carlo

The Mediterranean sports one of the most attractive casino gaming destinations and the views don’t hurt one little bit. Monaco, Monte Carlo is a 4.5 star resort boasting a grand theatre and activities for the entire family. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, there is much to see making Monaco a prime attraction for travellers.

If you don’t have the funds right away, but still have a taste for the unknown, we found that delivers a unique gaming experience, almost as good as visiting the above mentioned beauties.

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