The Charms of Hamburg (3 Powerful Reasons To Visit This Party City)

The Charms of Hamburg (3 Powerful Reasons To Visit This Party City)

This beautiful city near the North Sea stole the hearts of many tourists. Its stunning architecture, which is quite unusual for German sensibilities, will bring you a lot of great memories and Instagram-worthy pictures. Also, Hamburg has an immensely popular nightlife scene as well, which attracts party monsters and art lovers from all around the globe. A lot of clubbers are attracted to this bustling city because it has a substantial number of amazing venues to hang out and dance until they drop. If you plan on visiting Hamburg, here are some tips you should definitely take into consideration.


Planning a bachelor party? Hamburg is your perfect choice!

The Charms of Hamburg (3 Powerful Reasons To Visit This Party City)

For those who are not yet aware, you can have a truly epic stag do weekend in this majestic city. Hamburg is always awake and willing to party. So if you plan on celebrating the last days of your bachelor life like a king – this city is the place to be! The urban zone is located away from residential areas so that nightclubs can provide you with a lot of loud music and hardcore partying until dawn. And if you seek for something that will add even more spice to your stag do – visit the Reeperbahn district. There, you will find exactly what you might be looking for.

If you want to explore the city but plain walking seems too boring for you, go for a beer bike tour. This activity looks just like you imagine it. You ride the massive bike suited for groups of people and drink quality beer while exploring the urban streets. Can you find a better way to see Hamburg? We doubt that.

Also, this city is a hotspot for music bands. There is a great chance to see a popular music artist here even if you didn’t plan to go to the concert. Since the early 60s, Hamburg was hosting live concert gigs, which catapulted many bands to stardom, including the Beatles.


Things you didn’t know about Hamburg

It is obvious that this city stands on the river. But did you know that over 8% of its area is taken by water? Also, you should visit the docks – they are completely made of wood. Yes, the structure that is placed underwater is wooden! And it is still in great condition, which leaves many wondering how did they manage to do that? Also, while you are at the docks, get on the pay-boat and visit the unbridled Neuwerk Island that is located 90 km away from the city.

Book fans will be amazed by rolling libraries, too. They are public buses, which are packed with books. They ride around Hamburg providing people with various literature and chance to exchange written forms of art. It’s a truly unique social activity that can be seen only here.


Many places to visit, things to see

The Charms of Hamburg (3 Powerful Reasons To Visit This Party City)

St. Pauli is the most popular city quarter among tourists. Here you will see and experience pretty much anything. This is a vibrant and culturally diverse area that will introduce you to Hamburg’s past. Also, you should see St. Nicolas’ church – it is a great example of neo-gothic architecture.

Sure, river Elba is a star of this city. But you also won’t regret going to Alster lakes. It is a marvelous location for a picnic and sunbathing. Here you will see two beautiful lakes and enjoy the rich lush nature that surrounds them. You can also take a boat to ride on the lakes.



No matter what your intended goals are when visiting Hamburg, you will spend an unforgettable time here – and then some! This city can fulfill any needs of tourists, whether they want to absorb the city’s unique urban identity or take part in the intense party atmosphere. Hamburg literally has it all, so book your plane tickets and hotel room, and prepare to be amazed by the city’s cultural, culinary, and festive splendor!

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