Vaping Advantages and Options

Vaping Advantages and Options

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of vaping. The vaping craze has swept across the nation and the world, and many people (particularly young people) are increasingly opting for vaping over smoking. It’s not hard to see why.

Vaping has lots of advantages, and those who choose to vape over smoking have plenty of options within the vaping category. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons that vaping has gotten so popular and we’ll introduce you to some of your vape options and the various ways that you could get started vaping.

Why is vaping the better choice?

The choice between vaping and smoking is a pretty subjective one, of course, but some hard facts are in the vapers’ corner. If you’re interested in a healthier, more convenient, and more discreet option, vaping is the way to go.

Vaping is likely much healthier than smoking. We already know that, when it comes to tobacco products, vaping is a better choice than smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco. That’s because vaping uses vapor instead of smoke, and vaping is easier on the lungs. It should be noted that nicotine-based vape products are still addictive. However, many smokers have found that quitting smoking is as easy as starting to vape, and that’s great news for those smokers’ lungs. Marijuana is already safe in smoking form, but marijuana smokers who switch to vaping likely experience some health benefits, too. It’s never exactly healthy to be breathing in smoke, after all — so why not switch to vaping?

Health isn’t the only reason that vaping is so popular. Vaping is also extremely convenient and discreet. Unlike smelly smoke, vapor does not tend to attract much attention or frustration from passers-by. And vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes (more on that later), so it’s easy to find one that will slip into your pocket. You can carry it anywhere! When you vape instead of smoke, there’s no ashy mess to worry about. And if you use a vaporizer that takes cartridges, starting a new vape stash is as easy as swapping out a cartridge.

Vaping is also extremely efficient. When you vape marijuana, for instance, far more of the THC (that’s the cannabinoid that is largely responsible for marijuana’s famous high) ends up in your lungs. For long-term marijuana users, that can translate into noticeable savings.

Your many vaping options

When it comes to vape, one size need not fit all. All sorts of great vaporizers are out there, from over-the-top contraptions that fill entire bags with vapor to pocket-sized vape pens that can be carried everywhere you go.

You’ll want to pay attention to the size of your vaporizer as well as to the manner in which it vaporizes things. Some vaporizers are designed to contain marijuana in plant form, while others take waxes, liquids, or even convenient little cartridges. Some vaporizers are designed to sit on tabletops, while others are meant to be carried around. You can find all sorts of combinations — for instance, some slim vape pens also take plant-based materials.

In short, tons of different vape types are out there. Narrow down your choices by thinking about how you’ll use your vape. Do you want it to be convenient on the go? Or do you want a more communal experience from a tabletop vape? Think about how you’ll be purchasing your smokable (or vape-able, if you will) as well.

And be sure to consider reliable brand names such as Sourin Vagon. The pros at your reputable smoke shop will help you narrow down your options. It’s worth investing in a quality brand-name vape because it will last you longer and give you a better experience.

If you find the right vape, you’ll love the dimension that vaping adds to your smoking experience. You don’t have to vape all of the time, but shouldn’t something this convenient and lung-friendly be one of your smoking options?

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  • From what I’ve heard, there are tons of benefits that come with vaping CBD too. For example, it’s supposed to be one of the fastest methods of absorption. So if you need to get it working fast, vaping is probably your best bet..

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