Why Line Marking is Very Important?

Why Line Marking is Very Important?

Line marking is important safety feature on our roads. It is an essential signalization feature that cannot be replaced today. It has various roles from providing optical guidance, regulating the traffic flow, and informing drivers about oncoming dangers and driving restrictions. It is quite consistently pointed out that they are beneficial for safety. Various road marking materials are made to fit day and night. It’s because road markings are especially important at nighttime when, in the dark conditions. Simply to say, it helps road users to navigate the road systems, making us aware of upcoming hazards and of key bits of information to help us drive appropriately for the situation.

Road administration also has an important task in addition to providing safe roads. It simply means financial considerations. Significant amounts of money had been spent for maintaining the line markings at an appropriate performance level, as well as the road. Traffic accidents such as car crash will ruin the infrastructure of the roads. If the accidents are caused by the low performance of line marking, will it be a waste of much more money to fix it?

The example is clearly seen on line marking Melbourne. The country of Australia is a well-developed country which makes total investment for safety roads. Their line markings are systems which are consisting of the paints or plastic masses and reflective elements. The appropriate materials used will be beneficial for the durability of road marking systems. It ought to be pointed out that enhanced road marking will help more driving vehicles to avoid accidents. This serious matter is decided from the concern of many reports of road accidents caused by inappropriate making and maintenance of road line marking.

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What are the real and direct benefits of this line marking?


Pedestrians are very frequently injured and killed in collisions with motorized traffic. A particular concern is pedestrian visibility at night. It has been reported drivers who hit a pedestrian at night did not realize any person was present on the road until after the accident occurred. The most efficient and inexpensive solution would be the use of reflective line marking as a vest for pedestrians.


Bicyclists constitute very significant number of road users, particularly in Australia. Unexpectedly, bicycle drivers are very frequently involved in accidents. Road line marking will be such a big help for them, so that car drivers could separate themselves from the bicycle path.

Elderly road users

It becomes increasingly important that road systems should corporate sufficient tolerances for the elderly by using visual clues. Reflective line marking on road was more significant factor in line detection than headlights illumination, amongst both young and elderly drivers. Elderly fixate almost exclusively on the edge line when asked to detect the end of line markings. It could be expected that mobility, participation in the society, and thus quality of life by elderly drivers would be increased with clear and bright road markings.

Amongst numerous ways to improve road safety, the use of line road marking is one of the most efficient and cost-effective. Line marking is also critical for night time safety. If the materials used are in high performance, its benefit will be for the durability. Thus, it provides the best overall benefit for all of the road users at reasonable cost for the road administrators. Particular benefits ought to exist for the increasing number of elderly drivers, for whom clear and visible delineation would be of enormous advantage and increase their mobility.

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